StratisEVM Update Scaled

In an ever-evolving blockchain landscape, Stratis has embraced a pivotal change in direction with the announcement and impending launch of StratisEVM. This strategic shift to an Ethereum-based blockchain platform signals a new era of possibilities and innovation. Aligned with this transformation, Stratis is excited to unveil plans for StratisEVM Bounties. This initiative is not just a testament to our commitment to progress and adaptability but also an invitation to our community to join us in this new chapter. By participating in the bounty program, contributors will play a crucial role in shaping the future of StratisEVM and exploring the untapped potential of blockchain technology.

The StratisEVM Bounties will be tailored to foster development and community engagement. With an initial allocation of 6 million $STRAT tokens to be airdropped or offered as a reward, Stratis is setting the stage for a vibrant ecosystem of contributors. This token allocation underlines Stratis’ commitment to attracting the brightest minds in the blockchain space and rewarding the ingenuity and hard work that will drive StratisEVM forward.

Stratis’ vision is to create a diverse and dynamic environment where developers, content creators, and blockchain enthusiasts can collaborate, innovate, and contribute to the growth of StratisEVM. Bounties will range from technical tasks, such as smart contract development and dApp creation, to community building, educational content creation, and even marketing initiatives. Each bounty is an opportunity to showcase skills, earn rewards, and become integral to the StratisEVM journey. Stratis believes that by providing these incentives, they are not only accelerating the development of StratisEVM but also nurturing a community where learning, sharing, and mutual growth are at the forefront. The bounties will serve as a cornerstone of Stratis’ strategy to cultivate a thriving, engaged, and innovative community ready to explore the new horizons that StratisEVM will unveil.

Bounty Categories

The Bounties will cater to a wide range of talents and interests, ensuring everyone has a chance to contribute and earn rewards. Stratis will feature several categories of bounties, each tailored to leverage community members’ unique strengths and passions. $STRAT Tokens will either be rewarded or airdropped for those participating in the various bounty categories.

Here’s a glimpse into the diverse bounty categories that will be offered:

Community Engagement Bounties

For the communicators, content creators, and social media moguls, these bounties are your stage. Engage with and grow the Stratis community, create educational and promotional content, or lead marketing campaigns. These bounties are designed to harness the power of community and narrative to spread the word about StratisEVM. Alongside these activities, airdrops will be integrated as rewards for contributions in this category. These airdrops are meant to further incentivize and recognize the impactful work done by our community members in distributing the StratisEVM message and expanding Stratis’s reach.

DeFi Engagement Bounties

As Stratis embarks on its journey with the StratisEVM initiative, a core objective is to significantly increase the Total Value Locked (TVL) of the $STRAT Token supply. To achieve this, Stratis has introduced the DeFi Engagement Bounties. Stratis’ strategy involves introducing $STRAT Token airdrops to users engaging with DeFi protocols. These DeFi Engagement Bounties are not just about financial incentives; they are about building lasting relationships within the DeFi ecosystem.

Project Atlantis-Specific Bounties

As part of the focus on gaming and AI, these bounties are centred around Project Atlantis. From gaming competitions to developing play-to-earn mechanisms, these bounties are perfect for those passionate about the intersection of gaming, blockchain, and AI. It’s an opportunity to be at the forefront of creating the next-gen blockchain gaming experiences.

Staking Bounties

In Stratis’ mission to strengthen and stabilize the StratisEVM ecosystem, Stratis is excited to introduce ‘Staking Bounties.’ This category is specially designed for those who contribute to securing the StratisEVM network by locking up their STRAT tokens in staking. Staking is not just a way to earn rewards; it’s a commitment to the health and security of the blockchain.

Development Bounties

These bounties are for the tech enthusiasts who love to delve into code and create. From developing cutting-edge dApps, or constructing robust smart contracts, these challenges will tap into the technical prowess of blockchain developers. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a rising star in the blockchain world, these bounties offer the perfect platform to showcase your skills and contribute to the core functionalities of StratisEVM.



Stratis is on an exciting path with StratisEVM, and community growth and interaction are crucial to continued growth. Over the coming weeks, Stratis will be releasing a series of blog posts, each dedicated to a specific bounty category. These posts will delve into the nuances of each category, offering insights, guidelines, and tips to help you make the most of the opportunities available. Stay tuned to Stratis’s blog and social media channels for these updates, designed to inform and inspire you to engage with our platform more deeply. Stratis also invites you to join our ever-growing community Discord server to keep up with the latest news about Stratis and StratisEVM.

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