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Stratis Monthly – December

December is here and Stratis is busier than ever as the year draws to a close. This past month has brought with it some exciting developments to share with you, including the announcement of Stratis’ first decentralized NFT platform and the inauguration of the Stratis Blockchain R&D Center at the GL Bajaj Institute of Technology & Management in India.

As 2022 fast approaches, we’re excited to see how these updates unfurl over the next year as the Stratis community continues to grow.

Stratis’ $100,000 Hackathon

After the success of the first two hackathons, Stratis launched the third edition, the Stratis Build Hackathon, on the 29th November. This hackathon aims to shine a light on new talent in the blockchain technology space by setting a criteria free from restrictions: the only requirement is that your submission utilizes Stratis Blockchain Technology.

The Hackathon Prize Pool boasts $100,000 USD, including a $30,000 USD Grand Prize and many other prizes ready to be won by participants. Stratis Build Hackathon also has several sponsors, including the APPG, CMS, and Triad Group Plc, with the latter two set to offer a bonus of $5,000 to entries that meet some of their specific requirements.

The Stratis Build Hackathon will close on the 30th January 2022 and winners will be announced on the 23rd February 2022, so join the 100+ participants in developing blockchain solutions now!

Stratisphere NFT platform announced

Let’s launch NFTs into the Stratisphere. In November 2021, Stratis announced the imminent release of their long-awaited NFT platform, Stratisphere. Stratisphere is the first decentralized NFT platform to be built on the Stratis platform, and it operates with 0% platform fees. You can follow the platform on Twitter @StratisphereNFT to participate in upcoming giveaways and to be the first in line to hear about new collections launched on the platform.

Stratis commissioned industry-first research into NFTs and blockchain

Stratis recently collaborated with the insight agency Opinium to release an industry-first piece of research into how game studios truly feel about the integration of blockchain technology into video gaming. Across 197 developers surveyed in the United States and the UK, 58% of developers are beginning to use blockchain and 47% have started to introduce non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to their titles. Two-thirds of studios expect the presence of blockchain to dominate the gaming industry within the next two years, and 56% of respondents plan to use such technology in the next 12 months. This confirms a perspective already held here amongst the Stratis community: blockchain and NFTs are an inevitable part of the future of video games.

Genesis NFT collection

This month, Stratis announced a Genesis NFT collection that is minted explicitly for InterFlux Decentralized Government Board members who carry out their operations through a Stratis Sidechain Masternode. At Cirrus Block 3,430,000 this December, active Stratis Sidechain Masternodes will receive a unique NFT from this new and finite collection. As not all members of the Stratis community can operate a Stratis Sidechain Masternode, Stratis will also launch an additional collection for its community, so watch this space for updates on how you can own one of the first NFTs issued on Stratis.

Cirrus tokens began trading

After recognizing that it is optimal to execute smart contracts on a sidechain rather than the Stratis mainchain, we devised the Cirrus token to avoid the mainchain congestion seen in common blockchains such as Ethereum.

On the 22nd of November, the resulting Cirrus token (CRS) began trading on DigiFinex. Cirrus tokens are required to pay for smart contract transactions conducted on the Cirrus Sidechain for DeFi, NFTs, and other uses. As Stratis extends its reach with the launch of our Stratisphere NFT platform, the demand for smart contract execution will soon surge, so we’re pleased to have the Cirrus token in place as our Stratis ecosystem continues to thrive.

You can read more about the Cirrus token here:

Dawn of Ships update

Eagle-eyed members of the Stratis community may have noticed the Stratis flag featured on the updated cover art for the upcoming Dawn of Ships game. This latest update is a part that users will be able to buy and sell once the game goes live. Stratis is excited to be working with Dawn of Ships to develop an immersive and interactive game that allows the player to obtain and use NFTs as they play. Keep an eye out for updates on when Dawn of Ships will launch via their Twitter: @DawnofShips!

Polycarbongame proposal passed SDA vote

Stratis Masternode operators recently approved the proposal from Polycarbongame to create a gallery space that incorporates modern XR interfaces and revolutionizes the 3D gallery experience by allowing users access to interactive views of the NFT items that they can trade in the marketplace. Congratulations to Polycarbongame on a successful vote!

The Astroverse NFT giveaway

To celebrate the launch of Stratisphere, Stratis will distribute the first 2000 of the 20,000 NFTs from The Astroverse Club through giveaways on the platform’s Twitter account, @StratisphereNFT. Be sure to follow the account to be in the running to win one of them!

New Stratis Tutorials

We recently added a series of tutorials to our YouTube channel, Stratis Platform, to help our community master Cirrus and STRAX transfers. These videos are no longer than 4 minutes apiece and are quick and easy to follow. Find them here:

New NFT games released for community testing

Over the past two months, Stratis announced that they would be modifying the games Red Runner and NFT Knives to install new functions that can reward the player with various tokens. Red Runner, an open-source game developed by Bayat Games, was updated to include features such as a non-custodial wallet, NFT minting, and a play-as-you-earn function that rewards the player with tokens based on the distance they travel and the coins they collect in a session.

NFT Knives is an endless one-touch game in which animated knives are used to defeat obstacles and collect coins. Both of these games enjoyed exciting new updates when they were released for community testing this month, and we look forward to receiving feedback from players.

Launch of Stratis Blockchain R&D Center

Another exciting development this month was the launch of the Stratis Blockchain R&D Center in collaboration with the C# Corner and the GL Bajaj Institute of Technology & Management (GLBITM) in India. It was a privilege to visit the university this November for the launch event, and we look forward to working with GLBITM and the institution’s students in the near future.

Stratis Hackathon is Officially Open (Stratis Weekly #9)

The Stratis Virtual Hackathon has arrived! Registration is now officially open – it’s time to unleash your creativity and win some great prizes.
The Stratis hackathon is entirely FREE to enter and there is no entry requirement beyond the need to have a basic knowledge of the C#/.NET and Visual Studio environment. If you can build and deploy a blockchain-based decentralised application using the nStratis Development Framework (SDF) – this is the time to show your abilities.
Submissions will open on 23rd January and remain open until 23rd February 2017. In the next days will provide a link for you to register your interest in participating in the event. Stay tuned!
There will be a great first prize of $5000 but more importantly the kudos of being dubbed ‘Creator of the Genesis dapp’ – in years to come they will say your name in hushed tones, as a mark of respect. Runner-up will have plenty to be happy about too. All you need to do is come up with an idea and take your best shot at making it a reality.
You can freely select a topic but we particularly encourage the following themes: Fintech (lending, crowdsourcing, ICOs) Unity Gaming Platform Integrations or general dapps (Ledgers, Trust, Provenance, Governance, Voting, Proof of Existence, IOT)
If you need to get up to speed with the SDF then please take a look at the suggested resources on our website. We will be making a team of dedicated mentors available if you should need general support along the way. Our panel of expert judges will make the final decision and winners will be announced on 1st March.
So whether you are a seasoned hackathon veteran or have never taken part in one before, Stratis virtual hackathon is a great way to start the new year.
Developer News
This week we started a project to seek integration with the Unity game engine. This would give us, the possibility of integrating Stratis for in-game transactions, so that you can, for example, buy/sell virtual goods or operate a marketplace . We have also launched two Stratis wallet-related projects this week. One is to create a fork of the Electrum wallet that we plan for use with Stratis, and the other is the development of the C# Full Node wallet UI. We have now assigned developer resources to both these tasks.
Stratis is Official
We are concluding the process of company incorporation in the UK and establishing a physical, bricks-and-mortar location for Stratis. Details will be made available on the new website by the end of the year.
Last week we did a grand reveal of our new-look logo. We have now finished the logo refresh and all versions of the new design can be found in our media package here:
Blockchain Expo
Last week we also brought you the news that we will be taking up a booth at the Blockchain Expo in London on 23rd – 24th January 2017. We can now confirm that our booth number is #312. For those of you who are planning to drop by to say hello, we would love to see you there. Entry to the Expo hall is free. Further details of the event can be found here:
Finally, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, please claim your Stratis tokens if you haven’t already done so. Thank you for trusting us with your STRAT but the wonder of cryptocurrency is that it allows you the freedom to be your own bank. Please exercise that right and claim your tokens today.
Don’t forget to update your wallet. V2.0.0.1 is available here:

Get Your Coding Gloves On, It’s The First Stratis Blockchain Hackathon (Stratis Weekly #6)

We are excited to announce the Stratis Blockchain Hackathon, our first major Stratis developers event of 2017 and we wanted to give you, our dedicated community, a head start. Gloves at the ready!
The Stratis Hackathon is an online, global event open to C#/.net and blockchain developers with no entry requirements other than basic technical expertise and the desire to build exciting use cases for the platform.
The event will officially kick off on Dec 15, when we will open up online registration to participants and offer specific technical details. We will then be open for submissions between Jan 15 -26, 2017.
This event is part of the Stratis Academy initiative aimed at showcasing the nStratis Development Framework capabilities with the help of talented developers from all over the world. We will be actively promoting it with an ad campaign and outreach efforts to the C# and .net developer communities.
There will be a cash prize to the winner of the competition (prize amount to be announced soon), as well as recognition on the Stratis Academy website and Stratis company PR. Other incentives for participants will also to be revealed soon.
The winner will be be announced on Jan 30th 2017 after the closing of the London Blockchain week where Stratis will be present to promote its tech and the competition.
We are looking for implementations of applications on the nStratis Development Framework in areas such as:

  • Health records
  • Identity/personal records
  • Credit files
  • Provenance
  • Time stamping/Notarization
  • Asset/property registration
  • Education records

Preference will be given to entries that provide a polished, workable interface and to those entries that provide documentation, demonstrative videos or any additional aid to help judge the quality of the work.
Projects have to be in the English language and make use of the nStratis Developer Framework. Projects will be made available to the public as Open Source projects with licenses granting right to use, distribute, etc.
We look forward to your entries, so start planning and coding now!
Stratis Launches Blockchain Development Framework (SDF)
It’s so good we thought we’d share it again. The nStratis Developer Framework in C# and .NET is now live. Take a look here:
The SDF is the first of its kind and opens the doors onto a wider community of developers who can now begin writing blockchain apps in C#.NET. The initial release provides a blockchain development toolkit for developers, such as an API and a TransactionBuilder that supports all the standard transactions, for instance record keeping on the blockchain, time stamping and proof of existence.
Kudos to Dev0tion for using the platform to create some of the first transaction examples. Here is the screenshot of the first reported Stratis transaction on the SDF:firstnstratistransaction
Also this exciting news got Stratis some nice media coverage:
Wallet Update
A new Stratis Wallet update (v2.0.0.1.) has been released. This update prevents older clients from connecting to the network. Please download from this link:
That’s all for now,
Happy holidays USA!

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