Stratis Core Development Update

Hello Stratis Community!
We are happy to inform that at this point we consider we are well on track to accomplish our goal of having the Stratis Full Node and Stratis Cloud projects finalized by the end of Q1 2017, with the idea of presenting it at the C# Annual Conference in India. We expect to showcase by then a robust solution, with a friendly user interface and have it sufficiently tested by multiple parties before going into commercial production.
To accelerate the process and ensures we meet our final deadline we have added two new members to our development team:
Pieterjan Vanhoof (@dev0tion): Pieterjan has over four years of experience as a Full Stack .NET developer. He got interested in Bitcoin around 2013 and since then he has been captivated by the potential of blockchain technologies. He has specialized in development of wallets for cryptocurrency projects and porting Bitcoin functionalities to other cryptocurrencies.
In the words of Pieterjan:
Opportunities in the cryptocurrency universe come and go – at a fast pace. Technologies must innovate at an exponential rate, companies need to adapt at lightning speed and development teams have to stay ahead of it all. I was given the opportunity to join a team at the forefront of this exciting industry and I’m looking forward to the journey at Stratis.
Jeremy Bokobza (@Jeremy):
Jeremy is a top caliber software developer, with a thorough and extensive knowledge of .NET technologies and architecture as well as C# development. He has been involved for more than 10 years in EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) with Microsoft BizTalk Server, working with Microsoft Consulting Services in the Czech Republic and the U.K. He has also been involved with Bitcoin since 2013 and he will be assisting in the development of Cloud Stratis, the Stratis Full Node and the Stratis Wallet.
According to Jeremy: “Stratis shows great promise in the blockchain world and I’m thrilled to be joining the amazing team they have assembled in London.”
Businesses looking to implement solutions based on blockchain technologies will look for companies like Stratis to go from nothing to full throttle and I want to be part of that. ”
Also, we would like to inform the community that, in our effort to differentiate Stratis, offer the most innovative solutions for enhanced privacy and scalability and add value through a Bitcoin/Stratis symbiosis, we have added to our roadmap the further development and integration of Tumblebit into Stratis. Please expect a full press release following this post.
The integration of Tumblebit brings with it a GUI framework and wallet layer, which allows us to accelerate the development of our C# full node GUI, while incorporating the most innovative technology to enhance privacy and scalability. The full block secure payment validation system also provides us a strong framework upon which we can build our Stratis Sidechain capabilities.
To make this possible, we were required to reshuffle development priorities from our original roadmap, as they will now be contingent to finalizing the full node and full block SPV. Therefore, milestones in the roadmap such as Unity integration, Fiat Gateways, Private chains and Stratis Appliance will be delivered at a date to be determined in Q2. We will provide additional updates once we have concluded development of the key prerequisites.
We count on the Stratis community to stand behind the exciting development path we have chosen, in the understanding that it will undoubtedly increase the value of Stratis as a token, as well as Stratis Group valuation as it begins to incorporate valuable IP and high demand features into its portfolio.
For questions and more details, please join our Slack at:

Stratis at the Blockchain Expo – London, U.K.

This past week has been incredibly rewarding for the Stratis team and our community. Our participation in the Blockchain Expo held in London exceeded all our expectations. We can say today, without any doubt, that it was a resounding success: our booth was outstanding and the quantity and quality of attendees with whom we had the opportunity to interact was truly amazing.

It was also very gratifying to meet so many people that already knew about Stratis and wanted to learn more. We were particularly thrilled by the opportunity of working together in public as a team, and greet and meet in person with members of our amazing community and visitors to our exhibition booth.
From the business perspective we are very pleased to have tested and validated in the real world our assumptions about the Stratis project. We had the opportunity of pitching our project to very sophisticated business people and talented developers, and the response has been simply overwhelming.

These past two days have been some of the best I have experienced, everything I believed about the potential of Stratis has been confirmed by decision makers and many C level executives. (Chris Trew – Stratis CEO and Founder)

We received visitors from all over the world: USA, Europe, Asia. It was amazing to show Stratis for the first time to people from Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey…
We have established between 20-30 new CEO and C-level contacts from companies ranging from Fortune 500 to small startups. We’ve got very interesting exchanges with representatives from Microsoft, Jaguar, Reuters, Cashaa, AIA Group, RBC Capital Markets, Deutsche Bank, etc. From many of them we have already received follow up notes with the most positive reviews and outlining their expectations of working with us. We have even received the first indications of interest in potential financial backing to our operation going forward. We expect to continue conversations and solidifying these relationships in the upcoming days. Also we are already laying up plans to get started with the development of proof of concept requests we have received.
Similarly, we also had the opportunity of meeting with dozens of senior developers and consultants. We got a deeper understanding of how to better and faster integrate our services into Microsoft’s blockchain offering. We are working on the tech aspects for deeper integration.

Summarizing a really good day lots of nice people, many showed interest in Stratis and I had a chat with the Microsoft guys on project Bletchley. It turns out I worked with their boss a few years back (what a great connection!) looking forward for tomorrow. (Dan Gershony, Stratis Blockchain Lead Developer)

As the event wraps up, we are left with the task of developing these new relationships, with the ultimate goal of converting them into paid customers of the Stratis solutions. We will be informing the community, as our efforts mature and translate into firm partnerships and services being delivered.
Following up, the Stratis action moves to the USA. We expect to have very productive meetings between Stratis senior management and key local players, that will help us lay down the foundations for our expansion into the Americas markets. Our agenda also includes key definitions for the Stratis business model, technological development roadmap and corporate organization.
At the end of February we will be attending and exhibiting at the largest C# Developers meetup in the USA West Coast. Chris, Dan and Poly will be attending this special invitation to bring Stratis to this gathering of almost 1000 top C# developers in the USA. Additionally we will have the opportunity of developing our relationship with the C# Corner community and its founder, and explore business opportunities together in the US.
We are finishing preparations for our participation at the C# Corner Conference 2017 in India. We have been confirmed as Platinum Sponsor of the event and will have multiple opportunities of showcasing Stratis to the largest C# developer community in the world: A keynote presentation by our CEO, a session by Dan Gershony and a workshop on the eve of the event. We expect this event to set the stage for our commercial expansion in Asia, with local partnerships and hopefully a strong developer base in the region.
We want to take this opportunity to thank all the collaborators and team members that have helped us with the organization and preparation of these first steps for Stratis. The support of the community has been phenomenal through these days and motivates us to do more, faster, and better.
Last, but not least, we end the week with the nice news of Stratis being added to the reputed exchange Litebit. You can now buy, sell, deposit and withdraw Stratis at Litebit.
As we usual, we end these notes with a “Stratis Future is Bright! ” Have a nice weekend!

Photo Gallery:

Left to Right: Dan Gershony, Krushang Patel and Chris Trew

Never a dull moment for Stratis at the Blockchain Expo 2017 in London, U.K.

Thanks to Ben for this great video!

Nice organization and promotion for the Expo event organizers.


Update on our Stratis Wallet

We want to thank the community for giving us feedback that have lead to this update. We welcome you all to keep giving feedback so we can keep improving and maintain our high standards.
We have updated our Stratis Wallet to version This update includes our new logo and a better first time connection. We advise you to update your Stratis Wallet to the new version. For new users of the Stratis Wallet we would like you to take a look at our Wallet Instructions before your start. These instructions will guide you through setting up your wallet step by step. Our Stratis Wallet is available for Mac OS and Windows.
Before you update always close your existing wallet if it’s open and then run the new wallet. This wallet will overwrite your existing wallet version. It’s also a nice opportunity to make a new backup of your wallet.dat file in order to keep your wallet safe. We recommend you to backup your wallet on a regular basis.
We’ve noticed that there are still some of you that are using the old 1.2.2 wallet. We urgently ask you to update your Stratis wallet to version People that are running the old wallet are on the old chain. Any stake rewards you received on the old chain after we’ve switched to our new chain will be lost. You will start to receive staking rewards again once you have updated and resynched. It’s essential that you re-synchronize the blockchain after you have updated to version Make sure to make a copy of your wallet.dat file before you begin the process. If you need help with the process please join us on Slack and ask for help in the #support channel.
With the Stratis Wallet you have the possibility to stake your $STRAT. By staking your coins you help to secure the network and in return you get Stratis rewards. The inflation over a year is 1%. A good measure of the amount of rewards you can get is by moving your mouse onto the lightning symbol in your Stratis Wallet.
And last but not least we want to remind you on the following things:

  • If you aren’t a member of our community on Discord we hereby invite you to join us.
  • If you still have unclaimed Stratis coins, now is the time to claim them.

Keep your $STRAT safe, secure and stake away :).

Stratis Bitcoin Full Node Daemon Alpha Released

Today we are proud to announce the culmination of a major milestone in our development roadmap, the release of the Stratis Bitcoin Full Node Daemon on testnet and is now ready for public testing by developers here:
This is a historical release not only for Stratis but to Bitcoin as a whole. This constitutes the first Bitcoin full node written in C# for the .NET Core platform.
It puts Stratis on a league of its own, where newest implementations and improvements proposals to Bitcoin core protocol can be tested and implemented in a production environment. As a result, Stratis will become the testbed for the most innovative technologies such as Tumblebit and Segwit, just to name a few.
A full node allows the participation of network peers in the validation of blocks. Additionally full nodes make possible the connection through the Stratis peer-to-peer network. This mechanism, based on economic incentives to the participants is what makes the Stratis Platform secure and stable.
Developed by Bitcoin core developer Nicolas Dorier and based on his NBitcoin framework, the Stratis Bitcoin Full Node is the most complete and portable library for developing blockchain applications and platforms in C# and Microsoft’s .NET framework .

With Stratis I have an opportunity to experiment the idea how I would design LibConsensus in C#. Nicolas Dorier

What it does
The daemon is a full implementation of the Stratis Bitcoin Full Node, with the following characteristics:

  • Full blockchain validation
  • Blockchain database
  • Mempool
  • Wallet system & wallet database (HD keys w/ bip44 derivation)
  • Bitcoind-compatible JSON rpc api
  • A TransactionBuilder supporting Stealth, Open Asset, and all standard transactions
  • Full script evaluation and parsing
  • A SPV Wallet implementation with sample
  • The parsing of standard scripts and creation of custom ones
  • The serialization of blocks, transactions and script
  • The signing and verification with private keys (with support for compact signatures) for proving ownership
  • Bloom filters and partial merkle trees
  • Segregated Witness (BIP 141, BIP 143, BIP 144)
  • Mnemonic code for generating deterministic keys (BIP 39), credits to Thasshiznets
  • Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets (BIP 32)
  • Payment Protocol (BIP 70)
  • Payment URLs (BIP 21,BIP 72)
  • Two-Factor keys (BIP 38)
  • Stealth Addresses (Also on codeproject)

Built on .NET Core Platform
At present, the most popular Bitcoin node is called Bitcoin Core and is developed in C++. The Bitcoin Core team is a group of highly skilled developers who generally adopt a very conservative approach to accepting improvements. One of the reasons for this is that a full node is such a critical component for Bitcoin that any new features require extensive reviews and testing. Contributors to Bitcoin Core generally work on it for free, and their review time is valuable but limited.
We believe that one way to allow improvements to be implemented faster is to develop a full node in C# instead of C++. Highly skilled C++ engineers are in short supply in the corporate world, which tends to prefer higher-level languages like C# or Java. Higher level languages are also easier to review and learn, and it is harder to make coding mistakes.
The Stratis Bitcoin node is developed for the .NET Core framework from Microsoft and allows for the creation of cross-platform blockchain applications, supporting Windows, macOS and Linux, and can be used in device, cloud, and embedded/IoT scenarios.
Adopting the .NET Core platform removes major obstacles with licensing and associated costs by being no longer locked in to using Microsoft Operating Systems.
Additionally it opens up the possibility of introducing millions of C# and .NET developers to blockchain development, with familiar, time-proven development tools , such as Visual Studio, and already installed enterprise capabilities.
Security Comes First
To guarantee that the tokens secured by the Stratis Blockchain are properly secured,we plan to have the code rigorously tested before it is released on mainnet. Latest code can be found here: We welcome feedback from anyone who wants to help with the process of ensuring the network remains secure and stable, while adhering to the consensus rules imposed by the Bitcoin core client. We will be offering bounties to anyone who can produce a security bug and will be announced in a short time. All testers will be enterd into a prize draw to win a Stratis Ledger Wallets Genesis Edition. Please join our Slack and look for the #FullNodeTest channel to learn the details.
In the words of Chris Trew, Founder and CEO of Stratis:

“This achievement is the single major step in the development of the Stratis infrastructure. This is the stepping block for Stratis to rise above all other cryptos by opening capabilities to offer the most solid, proven and future-proof blockchain solution to companies around the world.”

Next Steps
The next step is porting the Stratis Bitcoin Full Node for the Stratis blockchain, this will give Stratis a powerful full node framework in C# which can be expanded with the Stratis bespoke functionality. We expect to have this accomplished by the middle of Febuary
We want specially thank Nicolas Dorier for his outstanding work on the Stratis Bitcoin Full Node. Also we would like to give a special thanks to Dan Gershony and Bitcoin Core developer whose extensive work on expanding the Bitcoin client has enabled the next generation of innovation around blockchain technology. This release is another major milestone Stratis, by providing C# developers with the tools required to develop decentralized applications in native C#. We also want to thank you guys in advance for the feedback on the Stratis Bitcoin Full Node.

Stratis Ledger Wallet Now Available

We are proud to announce that Ledger Wallet now officially supports Stratis. We are number 8 to join the impressive list of cryptocurrencies that Ledger Wallet supports: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Fido U2F, Dogecoin, Zcash, Dash and last but not least Stratis! With the support of Stratis from Ledger Wallet another huge milestone became reality. Just by looking at the other coins that are supported by Ledger Wallet you can imagine what a big achievement this is for all of us. You can use the Ledger Wallet with our new Electrum Stratis Wallet. With the new wallet and the support of the Ledger Wallet you have the possibility to add an extra security layer for your STRAT.
With the Ledger Wallet secrets like private keys are never exposed. Transactions can’t get tampered with, they are physically verified on the embedded screen with a simple press on a button. Needless to say you can keep your STRAT more secure then ever before. Stratis is available on the Ledger Nano S. Stratis will also be available on the Ledger Blue, however at the moment the Ledger Blue is only available for pre-order.
Ledger Nano S is a Bitcoin, Ethereum and Altcoins hardware wallet, based on robust safety features for storing cryptographic assets and securing digital payments. It connects to any computer (USB) and embeds a secure OLED display to double-check and confirm each transaction with a single tap on its side buttons.
Ledger Blue is the most advanced hardware security gear on the market. It boasts multi application execution, and packs enterprise-level crypto-capabilities into a lightweight handheld device designed and crafted in France. It is architected around a Secure Element, featuring a touchscreen and USB & Bluetooth* connectivity.
To celebrate we are giving you the exclusive opportunity to buy a limited edition Stratis Genesis Edition Nano S. We have a limited supply of Stratis Genesis Edition Nano S. You can order one per person right away after this blog post is released. You can order a Stratis Genesis Edition by sending a direct message on Slack to Krushang . Only long-term Stratis supporters apply. Only 15 will be sold. So be quick if you don’t want to miss out on this unique opportunity :).
By purchasing the Limited Genesis Edition you receive the following:

  • Stratis Genesis Edition Nano S
  • USB Cable
  • Instructions and recovery sheet

For more information about Ledger Wallet we recommend you to take a look at their website. Complementing the instructions you receive with the purchase of a Stratis Genesis Edition it’s worth it to take a look at the following video.
And last but not least we want to remind you on the following things:

  • If you aren’t a member of our community on Slack we hereby invite you to join us.
  • Don’t forget to upgrade your Stratis Wallet to the latest version (v2.0.0.1). This update prevents older clients from connecting to the network.
  • If you still have unclaimed Stratis coins, now is the time to claim them.

For now keep your STRAT safe, the future is bright for all of us!


Stratis Platform Showcased At The Blockchain Expo in London, U.K.

Press Release: LONDON, Jan .23, 2017 / (Stratis Comms)
This coming week, companies and developers attending the Blockchain Expo in London, U.K. (Jan 23-24, 2017) will have the opportunity to learn how to develop, test and deploy decentralized blockchain apps using the Stratis Platform.
The team behind the Stratis Platform will be presenting their breakthrough development: a proven, secure and scalable end-to-end solution for C# / .Net decentralized blockchain applications.
Dubbed as the “Blockchain for Business” company, Stratis promises to accelerate and make more efficient the process of blockchain development and deployment by offering:

  • Seamless development, integration and distribution of blockchain solutions on Microsoft’s .Net framework
  • Fully certified, proven and security compliant data management
  • Rapid acceleration for your blockchain project development
  • One-click provisioning of blockchain solutions on Azure BaaS and Cloud Stratis
  • Professional support throughout the development process

In the words of Chris Trew, CEO and Founder of Stratis Ltd:

“The Stratis Platform marks the next step in the evolution of Bitcoin, by facilitating adoption among C# and .Net developers, while integrating the latest technological improvements to the original Bitcoin protocol.

Stratis blockchain solutions combine the robustness of the Bitcoin consensus model with a set of familiar tools, programming languages and business infrastructure used by large and medium sized companies worldwide.
Based on an original rewrite of the Bitcoin protocol in C# (NBitcoin), by famed Bitcoin core developer Nicolas Dorier, the nStratis Development Framework (SDF) allows companies to easily develop, test and deploy blockchain applications without the hassle of maintaining a complex infrastructure or having to learn complex programming languages used in other solutions.
To facilitate testing and deployment, Stratis offers the option of one-click provisioning of blockchains, sidechains and private blockchain projects. Earlier last year, the company announced the deployment of Stratis solutions on Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain as a Service (BaaS). In addition, the company offers its own Blockchain hosting solution – Cloud Stratis, which is specifically suited for customized projects including private and side blockchains.
Stratis solutions can be applied to solving the most daring challenges in the online world nowadays, such as establishing and protecting Internet identity and trust among parties, maintaining immutable ledgers and in IoT solutions that require a reliable and low cost system for reporting and processing of micro-payments. Additionally, the platform can be used to create and manage all type of assets, support crowfunding campaigns and promotions.
The Stratis Platform also includes a publicly traded token $STRAT, which is the result of a full rewrite in C# of Bitcoin’s proven architecture and consensus mechanism. It was one of the best performers among cryptocurrencies in 2016 in terms of financial returns to its holders.
To assist development, the company offers tools, code sample and technical support via Stratis Academy. This initiative seeks to initiate C#developers from all over the world into this novel technology, by offering incentives and opportunities to compete and showcase their abilities in hackathons and other activities.
We invite you to stop by booth #312 at the Expo for a demonstration of the many capabilities of the Stratis Platform, and the opportunity to evaluate your project together with Stratis experts led by its CEO and Founder Chris Trew.
You can learn more about Stratis and its projects at our website : (
Contact Us
Stratis Group Ltd., is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

Update on our Electrum Stratis Wallet

First of all, we want to take this opportunity to thank our Stratis community for testing and providing feedback about our recently released Electrum Stratis Wallet. On this regard we have a few announcements to make:
The Electrum Stratis client has been updated to version 2.7.17. This update includes all changes made to the official Electrum client and also fixes a bug in the Preview and Details tab for transactions. We have made available working versions for Mac OS, Linux and Windows. We advise to keep your seed (12 words) safe at all times and have multiple copies on different locations. Better safe than sorry!
With the Electrum Stratis Wallet you don’t have to download the blockchain anymore to use it. It also has an HD (Hierarchical Deterministic) wallet feature. This means that by remembering 12 words you can get access to your wallet anywhere you want. It will generate your addresses and private keys from those 12 words. So needless to say those 12 words should be 12 words not to forget. The Electrum Stratis Wallet is fast, secure and easy to use. The wallet can be used on the desktop or with the command line interface. It also will support the Ledger Wallet feature after they have released their new firmware.
Something to keep in mind is that you can’t stake with the Electrum Stratis Wallet. However we got your back, with our Stratis Wallet you have the possibility to stake away :).

Stratis – The Future is Now (Stratis Weekly #11)

What a year we had.

Looking back on the last few months we probably all agree on the feeling where did the time go. We all have been working non-stop to get Stratis where it is today. It has been a true adventure. We feel proud when we are looking back at the results. Some highlights of our activities in the past months include:

  • A successful ICO with almost 1000 BTC raised from more than 500 participants.
  • A well planned and executed $STRAT distribution to investors from ICO.
  • Listing of $STRAT in major exchanges Bittrex and Poloniex.
  • Extraordinary performance of $STRAT on exchanges reaching more than 5x original value to investors.
  • Addition of Stratis to the Microsoft Azure BaaS Program.
  • Support by Ledger Wallet to Stratis.
  • Launch of Stratis Academy, with 1st Hackathon invite.
  • Promotional activities on social media, TVE, and media partner channels.
  • Brand refreshment: corporate identity and website.
  • Secured Stratis trademark in the UK as well as fulfilled all requirements for incorporation and physical address for our business operations.

With the development of the Stratis Development Framework (SDF), SDF .NET Core Native Cross Platform Support we have some great development milestones to look back at in 2016. We initiated the integration of breakthrough developments such as nTumblebit and the Azure indexer, which will make Stratis one of the most innovative platforms in the space.
From the organizational point of view we worked on improving our organization by hiring for key positions as well as defining internal processes, roles and responsibilities. We have set in motion processes for timely and accurate communication and to address potential issues on a timely manner.
We have been consulting with top experts on exponential growth and business organization to adequate our vision and strategy to grow at an accelerated rate and make Stratis attractive for VC investments in the short term. We have put in motion an expansion plan to the Americas and India to position Stratis as a valuable investment opportunity for VCs.
We have established and developed channels to provide regular communications and updates via Stratis Weekly, social media, video interviews, Slack and media partners. We have run multiple successful marketing campaigns via TVE and distributed a multitude of bounties and incentives to promote different Stratis activities.
We are currently working on several community lead projects, such as video production, merchandise and commemorative coin, and we are continuously receiving great input and new ideas. Special thanks to those leading and actively participating on those projects.
We are privileged to have the support of an amazing community that keeps on improving and growing with us. We want to thank all of you for participating in all possible ways, you have truly amazed us. We wish you all a happy new year and hope that this weekly news will contribute to your holiday spirit. One for Stratis and Stratis for all.


We are happy to announce the completion of the following steps towards the completion of the Stratis Roadmap:
The next step in our brand refreshment is here. Earlier we showed you our brand new logo, and now the first version of our new website is ready, we all invite you to take a look at Please, feel free to share with us your comments and suggestions to improve it.
Electrum Stratis Wallet
The new Electrum Stratis Wallet is a fact! You can download it here.
With the new wallet you don’t have to download the blockchain anymore to use it. It also has an HD (Hierarchical Deterministic) wallet feature. This means that by remembering 12 words you can get access to your wallet anywhere you want. It will generate your addresses and private keys from those 12 words. So needless to say those 12 words should be 12 words not to forget. The Electrum Stratis Wallet is fast, secure and easy to use. The wallet can be used on the desktop or with the command line interface. It also will support the Ledger Wallet feature after they have released their new firmware.
nStratis and Stratis Cloud
These projects are still being developed and soon to be publicly released on the testnet. We are happy to report that our Stratis full node is currently running over actual bitcoin nodes, which is a huge step on that direction. Additionally, we are giving the final touches to the UI for our Stratis Cloud. We will inform of additional progress, but we expect those to be concluded by the time we start making public presentations planned for 2017.

The Road Ahead (2017)

Our marketing efforts will kick off early in 2017. Only for the 1st Q 2017 we are already booked for participation in major blockchain events in three continents:

  1. Blockchain Expo London Expo (London, UK)
  2. The Blockchain Event (Fort Lauderdale, USA)
  3. C# Corner Annual Conference (Ghaziabad, India)

This events also cement our expansion into markets in the Americas and India, through solid partnerships and regional presence. At the C# Corner event (the largest C# developers community in the world, 2+ mill members) we will have a keynote presentation and will organize a hackathon for developers to get hands on the Stratis development tools.
In 2017, we expect to develop strong bonds with C# / .net developers. We will be launching our Stratis Academy training program, as well as identifying MVPs and Ambassadors candidates all of which will help put Stratis in front of corporate decision makers through their IT departments. We will be also holding several hackathons and competitions, so stay tuned to the opportunities.
We will be making a major marketing push with advertising on the most popular blockchain related websites and publications properties, as well as on C# Corner and some of their affiliate publications for C#/.net developers.
We are working to implement the Unity/Stratis integration based in the latest achievements from Nicolas Dorier, an integration that would open the possibility of Stratis platform being used for in-game asset creation and development of in-game economies with Stratis at the center. We are actively seeking for developers and partners to assist with this major project, and have received multiple applications which we are in the process of reviewing.
Last but not least we are looking into our next steps for the future of Stratis, such as the Stratis Assets & Crowdfunding Platform and the Stratis Dapps Marketplace. All these initiatives guarantee we will stay competitive and secure our spot among the top cryptocurrency projects of all times. As you can see the future ahead of us is bright. Thanks for coming along with us in this journey!

Stratis on Poloniex, Ledger and beyond (Stratis Weekly #10)


Stratis on Polo
Stratis project gets validated once more by receiving approval to be listed in one of the major cryptocurrency exchanges. Now traders and investors can acquire Stratis in the Poloniex Exchange website:
We are also in discussions with Yuanbao! and we are hoping to make them our first Chinese exchange. We will be reaching out to Shapeshift, Exodus and some of the other high volume exchanges over the next few days as well.
Ledger Wallet to support Stratis
We have received confirmation from Ledger’s CTO that the group is currently working to integrate Stratis into their products (

Ledger Nano is a Bitcoin wallet on a smartcard device, small format and low weight. Comfortable and simple to use, you connect it directly to a USB port to manage your account, protect your bitcoins and make safe payments.
There will be a limited edition of Stratis branded Ledger, which we plan to make available in early 2017.
Stratis at the London Blockchain Expo
As part of our marketing efforts for 2017 we have made arrangements to participate in several blockchain related events around the world. We are pleased to confirmed we have secured an exhibitor spot at the London Blockchain expo ( Jan 23-24). Please stop by booth # 312 and say hi to our team and fellow community members, while you learn how Stratis makes blockchain simple to everyone.

Stratis Video Production
We have started the process of production for a series of informative videos about Stratis technology. Initially, we will produce three videos to cover the main areas of interest: 1) Stratis Enterprise 2) Stratis Token 3) Stratis Academy. we are starting with Stratis Enterprise , which will serve as a template for the rest of the productions. We want to invite community members to join our Slack channel #promotional-video to learn the details and actively participate. We have set up to 5000 STRAT in a bounty fund to reward those whose ideas are included in our final production.Our community member @myco has kindly volunteered to help us coordinate and manage the process. Our resident artist @dlow, who also happens to be an exceptional animator, will be tasked with the final production.
Azure Indexer
We are currently testing our development of the Azure Indexer for Stratis. This fault tolerant and scalable block chain indexer will permit you to ask for blocks, transaction, and address balances with a simple API. By leveraging Azure, nStratis and QBitNinja we expect to be able to support low latency, high frequency transactions of unprecedented scale.
You can access the project documentation here:
Our nStratis project leader, Nicolas Dorier, has just released his implementation of Tumblebit in .NET Core: NTumblebit. It is defined as an Untrusted Stratis-Compatible Anonymous Payment Hub. NTumblebit can be used both as a classic tumbler or as a payment hub. NTumbleBit will be the first production implementation of the TumbleBit protocol.
Features / Advantages
Increased privacy: unlinkability within payment phase
Fast and Scalable: payments confirmed in seconds, regardless of volume of transactions
Untrusted: you don’t need to trust your coins to a third party.
Scalable: payments are processed offchain for faster performance
Ethan Heilman the creator of the TumbleBit protocol and Cryptography expert reached out to us via Nicolas Dorier. He suggested some very innovative changes that we could make to TumbleBit for Stratis. So, we are expecting NTumblebit to become a valuable addition to our product offering going forward.
For details of the project:

Finally we would like to issue some reminders:
If you aren’t already a member of our community on Slack we would love you to join us:
Don’t forget to upgrade your Stratis Wallet to v2.0.0.1. This update prevents older clients from connecting to the network. Download it from this link:
Lastly, if you still have unclaimed Stratis coins, now is the time to claim them.
That’s it for this week,
Happy Holidays to you all and the best for this season to all our Stratis followers.
Stay tuned.

Stratis Hackathon is Officially Open (Stratis Weekly #9)

The Stratis Virtual Hackathon has arrived! Registration is now officially open – it’s time to unleash your creativity and win some great prizes.
The Stratis hackathon is entirely FREE to enter and there is no entry requirement beyond the need to have a basic knowledge of the C#/.NET and Visual Studio environment. If you can build and deploy a blockchain-based decentralised application using the nStratis Development Framework (SDF) – this is the time to show your abilities.
Submissions will open on 23rd January and remain open until 23rd February 2017. In the next days will provide a link for you to register your interest in participating in the event. Stay tuned!
There will be a great first prize of $5000 but more importantly the kudos of being dubbed ‘Creator of the Genesis dapp’ – in years to come they will say your name in hushed tones, as a mark of respect. Runner-up will have plenty to be happy about too. All you need to do is come up with an idea and take your best shot at making it a reality.
You can freely select a topic but we particularly encourage the following themes: Fintech (lending, crowdsourcing, ICOs) Unity Gaming Platform Integrations or general dapps (Ledgers, Trust, Provenance, Governance, Voting, Proof of Existence, IOT)
If you need to get up to speed with the SDF then please take a look at the suggested resources on our website. We will be making a team of dedicated mentors available if you should need general support along the way. Our panel of expert judges will make the final decision and winners will be announced on 1st March.
So whether you are a seasoned hackathon veteran or have never taken part in one before, Stratis virtual hackathon is a great way to start the new year.
Developer News
This week we started a project to seek integration with the Unity game engine. This would give us, the possibility of integrating Stratis for in-game transactions, so that you can, for example, buy/sell virtual goods or operate a marketplace . We have also launched two Stratis wallet-related projects this week. One is to create a fork of the Electrum wallet that we plan for use with Stratis, and the other is the development of the C# Full Node wallet UI. We have now assigned developer resources to both these tasks.
Stratis is Official
We are concluding the process of company incorporation in the UK and establishing a physical, bricks-and-mortar location for Stratis. Details will be made available on the new website by the end of the year.
Last week we did a grand reveal of our new-look logo. We have now finished the logo refresh and all versions of the new design can be found in our media package here:
Blockchain Expo
Last week we also brought you the news that we will be taking up a booth at the Blockchain Expo in London on 23rd – 24th January 2017. We can now confirm that our booth number is #312. For those of you who are planning to drop by to say hello, we would love to see you there. Entry to the Expo hall is free. Further details of the event can be found here:
Finally, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, please claim your Stratis tokens if you haven’t already done so. Thank you for trusting us with your STRAT but the wonder of cryptocurrency is that it allows you the freedom to be your own bank. Please exercise that right and claim your tokens today.
Don’t forget to update your wallet. V2.0.0.1 is available here:

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