Stratis Monthly – September

Summer may be drawing to a close, but the team at Stratis is as busy as ever with new developments and updates to share with the community. Read on for a selection of what the team has announced in August, as well as some sneak peeks of what is yet to come in September.

Blockchain Tower Suites Meet-Up

With many of the Stratis community’s interactions taking place virtually over our Discord channel, it is exciting to announce that this next month will see an in-person meet-up of like-minded individuals that are building on Stratis, are interested in the STRAX token, or are new to blockchain technology and would simply like to find out more.

The next meet-up will take place at the iconic Tower Suites by Blue Orchid Hotels. We will gather in a private room before heading up to the Skyline Bar, known for its stunning views of the Tower of London and across the beautiful city of London.

This meeting is the first to mark Stratis’s strategic partnership with Blue Orchid Group, which will see Stratis host three meet-ups at Tower Suites over the next year.

The first meet-up will take place on Friday, 23rd September, from 18:00-22:00. You can sign up using the link below, and we look forward to seeing you all there for what is sure to be a great evening.

Opdex Desktop Is Coming Soon

Also, in August, Opdex announced the upcoming release of Opdex Desktop. Opdex has always prioritized total decentralization as its objective, and with the release of Opdex Desktop, the projects carried out on the application will be entirely decentralized and managed by the community.

The application works alongside Cirrus Core and will enable Mac, Windows, and Linux users to enjoy the website’s existing functionalities within a downloadable program.

Be sure to follow @OpdexProtocol and @stratisplatform on Twitter to find out when the open beta is released.

Stratipshere new look 

Over to the Stratisphere NFT platform, there has been a facelift on the homepage to highlight top collections and the most popular NFTs. It was also recently announced that you can now top up your Stratisphere account with debit and credit cards to purchase NFTs and expand your digital collectable collection.

You can check out some of the current collections on the marketplace here.

Dawn of Ships Theme Song

Play-to-earn game and SDA alum Dawn of Ships has just shared its theme song on Twitter.

The RPG game has shared several exciting updates over the past few months, from new functionalities to design updates. We look forward to watching this fun, swashbuckling game set sail.






Stratis Monthly – August

The busy month of July has seen sunny days, heatwaves and several exciting new developments across many ongoing Stratis projects. Read on for a recap of our progress.

Polycarbon Blockchain – Milestone 2 passed SDA vote

US-based game developer, Polycarbon Blockchain, passed its first SDA vote in December 2021. Since then, it has gone from strength to strength in the developments of ‘My XR Gallery’, an interactive NFT and VR gallery powered by Stratis blockchain and featuring NFT items that can be traded across the Stratisphere NFT Marketplace.

This month, Polycarbon Blockchain launched its latest proposal, in which the game developers requested 112,000 CRS ($USD 90,000) in funding to further bring to life projects My XR Gallery and Sky Dream Mall with updates such as live VR events. By enhancing its offering, Polycarbon Blockchain aims to strengthen the Stratis network and increase brand awareness and STRAX value.

This second proposal passed the SDA vote with the 105 required votes on the 13th of July — congratulations to Polycarbon Blockchain! 

You can read more about the update on Polycarbon Blockchain’s Discord channel:  

Dawn of Ships announced more core ideas and mechanics

In previous monthly updates, we’ve seen the Dawn of Ships ecosystem unfold, revealing different core mechanics such as ‘Ambush’ and ‘Plunder’. 

In July, Dawn of Ships announced new developments to the ‘Ambush’ mechanic, which allows players to ambush a Plundering mission and steal resources. Now, ‘Team Level’ and ‘Clan Advantage’ mechanics have been added to the ‘Ambush’ package. 

‘Team Level’ literally levels the playing field by determining a player’s Team Level based on the average level of the $SHIP. Players can only launch an ‘Ambush’ if their team level is at a +-1 difference from the Plundering Party. The +- 1 window must also be maintained should players choose to send in enforcements. 

‘Clan Advantage’, on the other hand, has more of an impact on the ‘Battle Outcome’, which is determined by which team has the highest AP. ‘Clan Advantage’ is decided based on the 3 SHIPs’ majority clans. Teams with no majority clans are labelled ‘Clanless’ and receive -3% of the total AP, whereas teams with a disadvantaged clan get -7% total of AP. 

However, all is not lost for teams with a lower AP, as the new ‘Lucky Strike’ mechanic gives them a chance to win even against the odds. 

Dawn of Ships has also introduced Weekly Leaderboards and achievements. Those who top the leaderboard will be rewarded with $GOLD and $OVIA, and achievements – based on completed actions within the game – are rewarded with currency.  

You can find out more about the latest updates to Dawn of Ships here.

Stratisphere NFT Marketplace commences its brand awareness campaign

To celebrate the community at the heart of the Stratisphere NFT Marketplace, a marketing campaign is being launched to showcase the many features of Stratisphere and how artists can use NFTs.

Head to @StratisphereNFT on Twitter for an early behind-the-scenes glimpse into filming for a Music NFTs section of the campaign and some incredible artwork created by physical and digital artist Hannah Nijsten.

Stratis Monthly – June

May saw myriad developments at Stratis. From commencing the construction of the Stratis Blockchain Innovation Center in Uganda to launching several new updates across Stratis-fuelled projects, including Opdex Inc. and My XR Gallery. We have enjoyed working across a variety of projects and concepts designed to bring Stratis technologies to communities around the world.

Find out more about what we’ve been working on below, and you can follow us @Stratisplatform on Twitter for all the latest news coming up in June.

Building begins at the Stratis Blockchain Innovation Centre in Uganda

Recently we announced that Stratis was to fund a new blockchain innovation centre in the Tooro Kingdom of southwestern Uganda as part of a new partnership with the charitable foundation of King Oyo, the kingdom’s reigning monarch. Building work has officially commenced, with the foundations laid at the end of May.

As discussed in a previous blog, the centre will encourage the development of blockchain-based knowledge and skills in the kingdom, which will support blockchain innovations across fields such as agriculture and finance.

This launch is symbolic of Stratis’s global expansion, with Stratis Africa launching alongside it. We look forward to the evolution of this development.

The First ODX Vault Proposal Has Passed the Community Vote

This month saw the first ODX Vault proposal approved by community vote. The proposal aimed to build on the driving force behind Opdex Inc. of ascertaining fully decentralised protocols by ensuring that everyone contributing to the project had a voice in the distribution of ODX tokens, with 75% of the supply distributed through a Mining Governance smart contract and the remaining 25% through a Vault smart contract.

This update will allow users involved in the project to propose contributions in exchange for ODX tokens. Other community users may vote for or against these proposals with CRS tokens. Approved proposals will result in the request ODX having a one-year vesting period before these tokens can be collected.

With this proposal, Opdex Inc. hopes to extend the longevity and bolster the quality of all future developments. You can read more about the proposal here.

Hashbattle Public TestNet Beta is Now Available

After teasing the Hashbattle beta launch back in our latest Stratis Decentralised Accelerator update, this month saw it drop on the Hashbattle website.

This beta launch features 10 games – Cops Clash, Zig Zag Zoom, Duck Dunk, Hurdle Hop, Stack Tower, Zombie Rage, Basketball Mania, Tunnel Trouble, Hammer Hero & Counting Snakes – with entry fees ranging from zero to one Cirrus.

Users will also soon be able to enjoy the first phase of the Hashbattle NFT drop, which will include 10K Dead Warriors NFTs with an inbuilt Photobooth feature designed to allow users to position their NFT characters in various environments.

You can follow Hashbattle on Twitter @Hash_battle for further updates and discover how to be involved in the public beta test.

Dawn of Ships Update

The Astroverse Club recently released a blog post uncovering new details about its exciting play-to-earn game, Dawn of Ships.

Building on last month’s update, in which we explained the newly revealed Plundering and Ambusing features, this blog focuses on the game’s Core loop, by which Plundering and Ambushing missions lead to the customisation of the player’s ship.

The ships at the core of Dawn of Ships are designed to be highly customisable and are influenced by the pirate’s Clan and Class. Each of the six Clans – Blackbeard’s Buccan, Hired Guns, Deadly Deserters, The Forsaken, Broken Bones, and Galactic Ghosts – have six distinct classes with roles that will determine the ship’s battle skills.

You can follow Dawn of Ship’s Discord Channel here for further updates on how the game is leveraging Stratis technologies to bring the pirate’s life to game players.

My XR Gallery Update

Another SDA project rapidly gathering steam this past month was My XR Gallery from Polycarbon Games.

With newly introduced functionalities, users can link their artwork to the Stratisphere via My XR Gallery, interconnecting the two platforms and allowing other users to view and buy artwork from Stratisphere while viewing it in the gallery. This offers both creators and community members the opportunity to engage with, bid on, and purchase digital collectables after enjoying the highly visual experience of a virtual gallery.

Stratis funds Ugandan Innovation Center

This past month has seen a particularly exciting development for Stratis, as we announced a long-term partnership with the charitable Foundation of King Oyo, the reigning monarch of the Tooro Kingdom in the South West of Uganda.

A kingdom with a population of approximately one million, the Tooro Kingdom has enjoyed a renewed national commitment to technology under the leadership of King Oyo (Rukirabasaija Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV). The world’s youngest monarch – crowned at just 3 and a half years old – the king is known for his keen interest in technology and innovation, having recently partnered with the Uganda Industrial Research Institute to create the King Oyo Science, Technology, Innovation and Industrialization park.

Under this partnership, Stratis will fund a new blockchain innovation centre in the kingdom designed to encourage the development of blockchain-based knowledge and development skills. Stratis is committed to encouraging creativity and innovation at the centre and the syllabus has been designed with this in mind, using case studies to spark fresh ideas around blockchain applicability.

As Stratis is a Microsoft-focused blockchain platform built from the ground up utilizing Microsoft programming languages (C#), the syllabus will leverage renowned development tools, such as Microsoft’s Visual Studio. As part of the partnership, Stratis plans to locate a senior team of business and technical roles at the new innovation centre with the vision to further grow its ecosystem across Africa. As this blockchain innovation centre launches in the Tooro Kingdom, Stratis Africa launches alongside it.

In addition, the parnters will collaborate on new blockchain use cases that will benefit the kingdom and its population. For example, the Tooro Kingdom is renowned for its agricultural properties – rich soils, sunshine, high rainfall. Stratis’s management team is therefore discussing how blockchain technologies can be used to support the management of resources. By setting up IoT devices to interact with Stratis Blockchain technologies, an immutable data store can be created that contains data about plot usage, weather conditions, product traceability, and finances.

Blockchain technologies offer new approaches to organizing societies and increasing efficiencies,” says King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV. “In the Tooro Kingdom, we see that the immutability of blockchain has significant potential, for example, for use cases within agriculture, logistics, banking and many more.  I’m excited to be working with Stratis to further knowledge and understanding across the kingdom.”

Our founder and CEO, Chris Trew, seconded this excitement: “We’re looking forward to developing a syllabus that will be taught at the new innovation center, focused on the use of Stratis blockchain technologies. We view this investment as the beginning of Stratis Africa and plan to deploy a senior team to Uganda. King Oyo is taking a forward-thinking stance on innovation that will bring new economic opportunities to the Tooro Kingdom.”  

Stratis has seen significant growth in new applications built using its foundational Layer 1 blockchain technologies over recent years as developers embrace the simplicity of developing in the world’s most widely known programming language, C#. We look forward to seeing this growth continue with this partnership with the Tooro Kingdom and subsequent launch of Stratis Africa.

Stratis Monthly – January

The final month of the year was a busy one for Stratis and the community as we worked to advance several exciting projects, including the launch of a second Stratis R&D center at a leading institution in technology education in India. Stratis’ first Decentralized exchange, Opdex, also released its $ODX governance token.

2021 was very significant for Stratis. We saw new applications being built in areas like DeFi, NFTs and blockchain gaming in particular. The team and community is delivering important infrastructure like the Stratisphere NFT platform and Opdex DEX that are beginning to drive an explosion in new uses cases for Stratis.

In combination with new applications coming online with funding from the Stratis Decentralized Accelerator, we’re confident 2022 will be an even bigger milestone. We wish everyone in our community a Happy New Year!

$ODX token announced

In December, Opdex announced its DeFi token $ODX will be released on Stratis in January. The Opdex governance token is deployed on Stratis’ Cirrus sidechain and can be used for purposes such as liquidity mining and DeFi staking. The $ODX token aims to resolve the issues that arise as a result of low liquidity by ensuring constant liquidity mining of $ODX which is built on an autonomous governance smart contract and voting system.

1 billion tokens will be minted and distributed over approximately the next four years. After this, 25 million new tokens will be minted every year and distributed through liquidity mining.

Watch this space for the release of $ODX in January!

Dawn of Ships update

Just before Christmas, blockchain game ‘Dawn of Ships’ shared a glimpse of the several types of ships that users will be able to command in the game’s final release. Each part of the ship will be customizable, with users able to alter the appearance of their vessel either with the parts earned through playing or with parts traded on the Stratisphere NFT marketplace.

Also in this update came the announcement of the core gameplay loop of Dawn of Ships, which means that users can now see exactly how they’ll be immersed in the pirate’s life through the game. Dawn of Ships begins with a decision between a raid or a fight, and each subsequent decision will result in expended energy and an increase in the ship’s durability.

Looted rum won through raids can be used to re-energize the crew, advance them to new levels of speed and efficiency, or recruit more members to the cause. Gold gained through winning battles can be used for ship repairs, levelling up to stronger vessels, and adding new upgrades and features. Once the rum or gold has been spent, the player can move onto their next target in a quest to dominate the seas.

Find out more here:

Stratisphere launch date announced

The countdown to take-off to the Stratisphere is almost over. This month, Stratis announced the official launch date of its NFT platform, Stratisphere. The platform includes a new wallet that makes it simple to mint, store, send and receive NFTs. Users pay absolutely no marketplace fees to trade NFTs on Stratisphere, which we believe to be an industry-first, offering more value to creators and users compared to the 2.5% fees common to today’s dominant NFT platforms.

Daily giveaways, including NFTs like Pudgy Penguins, Lazy Lions, and MekaVerse already have been announced via @StratisphereNFT in the run-up to the launch, so be sure to follow the account to be in with a chance of winning some incredible NFTs.

Stratis Unreal Engine Plugin

The Stratis SDK for Unreal Engine was unveiled in December, continuing Stratis’ push into the red hot blockchain gaming sector. Unreal Engine can be used by creators to develop games for most major platforms, including desktop (Windows, Mac, and Linux), mobile (Android and iOS) and consoles (Xbox and Playstation).

The Stratis Plugin for Unreal Engine integrates the STRAX token into game development and expands the scope of game creation through Stratis Smart Contracts in C#. It has now been released for community testing, and we look forward to user feedback.

You can read more about the Unreal Engine Plugin here:

Second Stratis R&D centre launched

In early December, Stratis and C# Corner launched their second R&D centre at ABESIT College of Engineering in Ghaziabad, India. ABESIT is a leading technological institution, and it’s an honour to be contributing to the education of major players in blockchain’s future through the establishment of this centre.

Stratis Build Hackathon

In December, we announced the Stratis Build Hackathon details with $100,000 in combined prizes for developers building gaming, NFT, DeFi or tooling submissions using Stratis. Review details for a chance to win big and maybe even launch a fully-fledged project in the future

Stratis continued its thought-leadership research into Game-Fi and ‘Play-to-earn’ systems

After the success of the first survey Stratis commissioned into NFTs and blockchain, which revealed that 58% of 197 game developers are beginning to use blockchain technology, the second series of findings were released in December. The analysis focused specifically on GameFi, the use of decentralized finance in gaming, and ‘Play-to-earn’, an economic system that applies real-world financial value to games.

This research also reaffirmed that both of these systems are an indubitable part of the future of gaming technology, with 51% of game developers calling the play-to-earn model revolutionary, 47% recognizing potential but saying that it needs development, and just 2% dismissing it as a fad.

You can find out more about the survey, conducted with independent research agency Opinium, here:

Breeze Wallet Alpha Release Postponed

We have just got word that the Breeze Wallet Alpha Release had to be postponed due to the fact that the development team has hit several issues running final tests. We apologize for the delay and want to share with you the official statement from the Breeze Wallet team:
As you know we are hard at work on the latest alpha release of Breeze. We are fortunate to be working with some of the leading cryptographers and developers in the crypto-currency space and occasionally their work and reviews surface integration delays and issues such as the one below. Rest assured that this is a normal part of our software development process and is designed to produce a high quality and secure product.
Please bear with us and look out for a new super-secure version of Breeze. Alpha coming soon.

A second bug we are currently addressing:

Thanks for your patience!
The Stratis Team

Stratis CTO’s Developer Update

Development Team Update: ( Dan Gershony / Stratis CTO )
I am happy to report that Stratis has grown quite a lot these last two months, with many new exciting projects and technical challenges. Today I want to share with you some details on how we are organizing to make Stratis the leading blockchain platform.
We have hired several developers (full/part time), product managers and we are actively seeking for experienced testers and QA specialists to review our products and processes. To accommodate our growing team, we have relocated to our new office in WeWork Moorgate London (please, come say hi!).

We have implemented Agile and Scrum methodologies across all our teams, and I encourage autonomous and self-managing teams working towards sprint goals. We operate as a decentralized company as the team members are from all around the globe (setting meetings can be sometimes tricky, and I really appreciate the devs that stay out to participate in meetings at really late hours! Also I want to thank all collaborators for your valuable contributions). At this point we have dedicated teams in the following areas:

Full Node

Dev Leader: Jeremy Bokobza (@jeremy)
Developers: Pieterjan Vanhoof (@dev0tion), Robert Carr (@robertcarr), @aprogenia, @fassadir, @mikedennis and @someguy

Breeze Wallet

Dev Leader: Carlton Pringle (@carlton)
Developers: Jeremy Bokobza (@jeremy), Pieterjan Vanhoof (@dev0tion), Kevin Loubser (@zeptin), Dan Gould (@dangould) and just joined Adam Ficsor (@nopara73)
UI: Benoît Philibert (@bep42)

Stratis PoC

Project Leader: Cesar Castro
Developers: Alexei Kogtev (@kogot) and Igor Goldobin (@fenix2222)
UI: Benoît Philibert (@bep42)

What we’ve been busy on?

  • Stratis Full Node

Achieving higher code quality and getting to production ready (for enterprise standard). We have been conducting extensive testing, but we still need to have a larger percent of unit tests coverage.
Extensive documentation and refactoring of code (improve internal node components).
Improve the node performance (this may not be a big deal for new blockchains).
Extending the Stratis test network to run a network of C# nodes for a period of time.
Ideally we need to get our C# node on an exchange (how and what currency is not yet clear) and on a block explorer.

  • Breeze Wallet

We have been putting a lot of time and resources into achieve higher code quality for the Breeze Wallet and its underlying technology – Tumblebit – integration in order to get it production ready for enterprise standards. Soon we will be publishing a full update from the Breeze Wallet team itself with all the details. At this point I will ask your support in helping us conduct extensive testing of the upcoming Breeze Wallet with Tumblebit Alpha release and share your experience with us. The sooner we have Breeze wallet sufficiently tested, the earlier we can release with full functionality on the mainnet.

  • Stratis Identity

Our Proof of Concept team has been working in creating our first proof of concept application – Stratis Identity. Soon to be released on the app stores it will provide a working app, and most important, the building blocks for developers to start creating applications around identity management and provenance utilizing the Stratis blockchain.

  • Sidechains and Smart Contracts

The end goal for the fullnode is to make it THE blockchain framework where all C# developers go to when they need to build a blockchain. It is becoming evident that in the near future there will be countless blockchains (analogues to websites, but maybe not at that scale) and developers will need easy to use frameworks to develop blockchains on them. Stratis aims to provide such a platform, we will create out of the box templates of a Stratis hybrid sidechain. Next, I will be publishing a paper on our sidechains approach and unique features.
For smart-contracts I have joined with Jean Lehmann ( a cyber security academic to help with writing a paper on how we can securely deliver smart-contracts on the Stratis node. This is a work on progress.
Smart contracts enable applying logic over ownership of assets on the blockchain, we will need to change some core components of our fullnode to support smarter logic over assets, the node is built mainly on top of Bitcoin with a limited smart-contract support. We may need to change NBitcoin and the way the Bitcoin protocol stores UTXO (the UTXO set will need to be extended to allow contracts access to a key value pair storage among other things).
We are also exploring executing C# scripts directly in a node environment (smart contract scripts in C#) using the Roslyn compiler.
Last but not least, it is very important to notice that we have streamlined the development planning process with the addition of a Agile Project Manager – Paul Aderonmu (@paul_stratis). With his help we have been putting together a fresh roadmap that can provide better visibility and tracking to the community and all interested in our tech development process. We will shortly be releasing a reviewed roadmap and improved tracking tools for all to use.
With the Breeze Wallet and our first PoC release around the corner these are indeed very exciting times for Stratis. Stay tuned for the upcoming news!
These are exciting times to be a developer!
Dan Gershony

Stratis Developer Update – June 2017

The Developer Update for the month of June is a roundup of news, timelines and progress. Addressing the latest topics about Breeze, Tumblebit, Microsoft Azure and Team additions. We hope you find this information helpful and that it provides you with a transparent and clear insight of what to expect in the weeks to come. Enjoy!

Breeze Update

According to plan, the first public Alpha release of Breeze wallet with a final GUI design will see the light of day by the end of June. This is the world’s first Full block SPV Wallet for any cryptocurrency written in C#. It is important to note that, at a later date, the Breeze wallet will the be first C# wallet to support mining via POS – a big leap forward for our technology offerings.
We have encountered unexpected delays in the implementation of Tumblebit that caused us to reshuffle our priorities and reprogram to deliver incremental milestones. We will expand more on this in the Tumblebit Tech Update below, but we want to give you an idea, of what to expect from this point on for the Breeze release schedule:

  1. Full block SPV Wallet with BTC (and STRAT) (around end of June)
  2. Full node Wallet (1-2 weeks)
  3. POS on Testnet (1-2 weeks)
  4. Tumblebit on Breeze + Masternode (min. 4 weeks)

Each stage requires that developers and business units are sufficiently satisfied with testing and audits of this bleeding edge technology, before moving on to the next stage

Breeze Server Masternode Update

Work has been proceeding rapidly on the Breeze Server (masternode). An initial version running on testnet is nearing completion and public release. The Breeze wallet will not include the Breeze Server (masternode) in the initial release scheduled by end of June, as further development and testing is required to guarantee integrity of your funds. The initial release will contain the following items:
– The Breeze Masternode Tumblebit server (completed, leveraging the NTumbleBit project created by Nicolas Dorier).
– The Breeze Masternode secure node advertisement protocol (completed).

Masternode Advertisement Protocol

In order to facilitate a decentralised registry of active masternodes, Breeze servers will utilise the blockchain itself as an immutable public record. On startup, each masternode constructs and broadcasts a specially formatted registration transaction with all the parameters the Breeze wallet clients need to find and connect to them. Some of the example fields featured in advertisement transaction are:
Masternode IP and/or TOR addresses.
A signature proving ownership of the tumbler’s RSA private key.
Proof of liquidity (a signature from a Stratis address containing sufficient funds to run the tumbler). This transaction is only performed once, unless the masternode needs to change its details. The Breeze clients will automatically maintain an internal database of active tumblers, and will update this information when new advertisement transactions are performed.

Masternode testing

The Stratis team will make a testnet masternode available for the community to test the tumbling functionality in the Breeze wallet. More details on this will be made available through public channels in the near future.

Tumblebit Tech Update

The Stratis team is engaging with the authors of the Tumblebit protocol to provide increased security and more efficient tumbling. Ultimately this bleeding edge technology will provide a highly scalable payment channel solution applicable to both the Stratis and Bitcoin blockchains
In the most recent project review with the Stratis team alongside our Tumblebit lead consultant, Nicolas Dorier. We came to the conclusion that some areas require further development and testing, before we can put it in the hands of users comfortably and safely.
We are committed to only deliver tech that meets our strict quality and security standards. This means we will always release cutting edge, fit-and-finish technology. It also means extensive amounts of testing, polishing and optimizing to guarantee that funds are kept secure at all time and processes are properly audited.
With this in mind, we have come to the conclusion that more development, debugging, and testing is required before we can confidently make this technology available to the wider public. A slight reschedule of our TB implementation in the Breeze wallet is thus in order. This has prompted a reshuffle in some of our priorities until we can get some of the key components sufficiently matured and tested. Other releases dependent on Tumblebit , such as Masternodes will also be rescheduled as a result.
We understand that this is of great importance to the Stratis community. So we have taken measures to address and solve these recently discovered challenges with Tumblebit in the shortest timeframe possible:
1. Increasing focus on development processes by implementing common methodologies (Agile, Scrum etc). From now on we expect fortnightly sprint cycles with a development update at the end of each sprint, until final Breeze release.
2. Increased Headcount (Assigning extra tasks and finalizing the appointment of a dedicated TB developer to expedite delivery)
Soon we will be announcing calls for testers to help us with the debug process and evaluating the user experience.
Stratis Cloud Update : Azure Certification
We are happy to report that we have made important advancements in bringing the Stratis Platform Full Node to the Microsoft Azure Certification program. We are currently in the last stages of this process. When the process is concluded we expect to have our full node deployed on the Azure Marketplace. This will enable us to leverage support from the different Microsoft business groups and initiatives around blockchain development. It will also serve to provide the first functional Proof of Concept, showcasing our Stratis Full Node capabilities. Simplifying deployment for developers from around the world. We expect to have this finalized by the end of the current week.

Stratis Academy Update
We have been actively working in designing a strategy to on board developers on the Stratis Platform. In the coming days we will publish a survey to help us identify C#/ .Net talents in our own community and beyond. This will be the start of an awareness campaign among developers, supported also by our ‘Stratis Champions’ program. More details will be shared shortly, but for now please spread the word that we are looking for the best C# talent out there, and make sure to complete the survey if you are a developer.
New Hire:
We are pleased to announce that Benoît Philibert also known as Bep42 (designer of the the Breeze UI ) has joined the Stratis team on a permanent basis. Benoît will support our front end as UX/UI specialist for our apps, and dashboards . You can take a look at his portfolio here.
Also, as mentioned above, we are actively looking for C# and .Net developers, preferably with experience in blockchain tech. If you have those abilities please contact us. We are hiring!

Stratis Core Development Update

Hello Stratis Community!
We are happy to inform that at this point we consider we are well on track to accomplish our goal of having the Stratis Full Node and Stratis Cloud projects finalized by the end of Q1 2017, with the idea of presenting it at the C# Annual Conference in India. We expect to showcase by then a robust solution, with a friendly user interface and have it sufficiently tested by multiple parties before going into commercial production.
To accelerate the process and ensures we meet our final deadline we have added two new members to our development team:
Pieterjan Vanhoof (@dev0tion): Pieterjan has over four years of experience as a Full Stack .NET developer. He got interested in Bitcoin around 2013 and since then he has been captivated by the potential of blockchain technologies. He has specialized in development of wallets for cryptocurrency projects and porting Bitcoin functionalities to other cryptocurrencies.
In the words of Pieterjan:
Opportunities in the cryptocurrency universe come and go – at a fast pace. Technologies must innovate at an exponential rate, companies need to adapt at lightning speed and development teams have to stay ahead of it all. I was given the opportunity to join a team at the forefront of this exciting industry and I’m looking forward to the journey at Stratis.
Jeremy Bokobza (@Jeremy):
Jeremy is a top caliber software developer, with a thorough and extensive knowledge of .NET technologies and architecture as well as C# development. He has been involved for more than 10 years in EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) with Microsoft BizTalk Server, working with Microsoft Consulting Services in the Czech Republic and the U.K. He has also been involved with Bitcoin since 2013 and he will be assisting in the development of Cloud Stratis, the Stratis Full Node and the Stratis Wallet.
According to Jeremy: “Stratis shows great promise in the blockchain world and I’m thrilled to be joining the amazing team they have assembled in London.”
Businesses looking to implement solutions based on blockchain technologies will look for companies like Stratis to go from nothing to full throttle and I want to be part of that. ”
Also, we would like to inform the community that, in our effort to differentiate Stratis, offer the most innovative solutions for enhanced privacy and scalability and add value through a Bitcoin/Stratis symbiosis, we have added to our roadmap the further development and integration of Tumblebit into Stratis. Please expect a full press release following this post.
The integration of Tumblebit brings with it a GUI framework and wallet layer, which allows us to accelerate the development of our C# full node GUI, while incorporating the most innovative technology to enhance privacy and scalability. The full block secure payment validation system also provides us a strong framework upon which we can build our Stratis Sidechain capabilities.
To make this possible, we were required to reshuffle development priorities from our original roadmap, as they will now be contingent to finalizing the full node and full block SPV. Therefore, milestones in the roadmap such as Unity integration, Fiat Gateways, Private chains and Stratis Appliance will be delivered at a date to be determined in Q2. We will provide additional updates once we have concluded development of the key prerequisites.
We count on the Stratis community to stand behind the exciting development path we have chosen, in the understanding that it will undoubtedly increase the value of Stratis as a token, as well as Stratis Group valuation as it begins to incorporate valuable IP and high demand features into its portfolio.
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