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Stratis Smart Contract Challenge

Attracting nearly 200 participants and 13 high-quality submissions, the online hackathon produced a range of smart contract applications spanning finance, law, identity, trade, supply chain, charity, healthcare and gaming.

US$10,000 First Place: Cirrus Swap

Tyler Pena took the first-place prize of US$10,000 for his Cirrus Swap decentralised exchange application which allows users to hold their own tokens and settle trades on Stratis’ Cirrus Sidechain.
Cirrus Swap is a set of four contracts – BuyOrder, SellOrder, Orders, and JsonConfig – working together with a User Interface (UI) to create a clean user experience for trading SRC-20 for CRS tokens. It means that users only need to open the Cirrus Swap UI and Cirrus Core wallet to immediately begin trading.
As more SRC-20 tokens join the Cirrus Sidechain, for example MEDI, the application will make it easier for users to exchange tokens on chain in a decentralised manner, as opposed to utilising traditional methods like cryptocurrency exchanges. This added functionality will improve liquidity on the Cirrus Sidechain and help the token economy to thrive.
Cirrus Swap demonstrated a proven use case that provides millions in daily value right now. Cirrus Swap’s UI not only works but is aesthetic and intuitive. The contract code is clean, well-tested, and integrates with existing Cirrus contract standards. The project has even put effort into branding – Cirrus Swap could feasibly be a real product with a full team behind it.

US$5,000 Second Place: Wheelgame

This gambling web application was designed by Sergey Ankarenko. Based on a standard multi-player bidding game, players log in with a decentralised, arbitrary private key to make it impossible for participants to cheat or gain an illegal advantage. The ultimate vision behind the application is that it could be extended across the gaming sector, including online casinos.

US$3,000 Third Place: Stratis Signature

This web application for digital signatures was created by Divyang Desai. It allows multiple users to securely create, sign and verify documents. This enhances integrity and transparency, making it perfect for use by enterprises in law, invoicing, resource management, operations and finance.
The judges also commended other notable submissions including the Sale Deed Registry, Passport Agency Office (passport application/renewal), and TrustEvent (decentralised event ticketing system).

Chris Trew, CEO and Founder of Stratis, said: “We would like to congratulate all of the entries in our Smart Contracts Challenge, especially the top three winners. The number of high-quality submissions was extremely impressive and highlights the functionality possible on the Stratis Platform as well as the enterprise and government applications that can be built using Stratis Smart Contracts.
“It was also encouraging to see just how many new developers submitted entries. We pride ourselves on making blockchain easy and this was evidence of how we can encourage smart contract adoption by attracting developers already familiar with C# programming.
“We will now look to take forward the best use-cases in order to add utility to the STRAT token and boost our credentials for enterprise adoption. Following the success of this hackathon, we hope that there will be many more in the future.”

The hackathon ran from 1 November to 16 December 2019 and was open to submissions from individuals and teams from around the globe. Developing on the Stratis Platform, participants were encouraged to build smart contract applications that are useful, easy to use, innovative and impactful.
The judging panel consisted of sector experts, including developers, blockchain gurus and Microsoft MVPs judged the submissions on their utility, usability, creativity, functionality, and design and documentation.
To view all submissions entered into the hackathon, visit:

Stratis Smart Contract Challenge

Contestants from around the world are invited to take part in the Stratis Smart Contracts Challenge from 1st November to 16th December 2019. The competition is open to individuals and teams from around the world, including those from profit, non-profit, academic and public sector organisations.
The total prize fund will be $18,000. Eligible entrants will compete for a first place cash prize of US$10,000, second place prize of US$5,000 and third place prize of US$3,000.
The challenge for contestants is to develop smart contract applications that can have a big impact. They should be useful, easy to use, innovative and capable of being applied across a wide range of industries. These include banking and financial services, international trade and commodities, supply chain, energy, identity, Internet of Things, government, healthcare and medicine, automotive and gaming.
The judges will be asking: does the tool provide a useful function, is it easy and engaging to use, is it doing something innovative, how well does the product function? Submissions can cover any kind of software application, such as the web, cloud, personal computer, mobile device or console, but they must utilise Stratis Smart Contracts in C#.
Chris Trew, CEO and Founder of Stratis Group Ltd stated:

We are very excited to be hosting this international hackathon and to provide an opportunity to show how Stratis Smart Contracts can unlock the potential of blockchain and transform the way industries work.
We want to grow our ecosystem of developers. C# is one of the most popular programming languages in the world and at the Stratis hackathon, developers will be able to programme smart contracts in their familiar C# language. By working together, we can harness the combined expertise of this community of experts and push the boundaries of what is possible using blockchain.

The hackathon will be hosted on the established Devpost platform, allowing us to leverage their existing user-base of  talented blockchain developers. More information including the terms and conditions, will be released on the 1st of November when the Devpost event is live!

Stratis & Cirrus Block Explorers

We are pleased to announce the release of block explorers for both Stratis and Cirrus networks. This enables anyone to query transactions, blocks and for the first time, Smart Contracts in C# on-chain execution.
Over time, more features and statistical information will be added to our explorers to provide a birds-eye view of the activity on the respective chains. More importantly, as a result of our Smart Contract implementation, you can now view the executed code in a readable format from the block explorer.
This is one of the many benefits of the Stratis Smart Contracts in C# implementation, providing an increased level of audibility on the contracts executing on-chain.…

In addition to being able to query Smart Contracts in C#, it is now possible to query the Federation Wallet addresses for cross-chain transfers. This enables those performing cross-chain transfers to monitor the progress of a cross-chain transfer.
As part of this release, there are now four block explorers available for immediate use and can be accessed using the below links.

Stratis Mainnet

Cirrus Mainnet

Stratis Testnet

Cirrus Testnet

Cirrus Core – Community Testing & Giveaway

We are excited to announce an updated version of Cirrus Core that is now available for community testing.
This updated version of Cirrus Core allows users to simply manage tokens issued on the Cirrus Sidechain and also create their own SRC-20 token with a single-click. This functionality removes any historic complexities that are associated with issuing a token via a Smart Contract and allows individuals/businesses to effortlessly deploy their own token on a Stratis sidechain for immediate use.

In light of this release, we are also incorporating a giveaway allowing members of the community who test the newly added features to have the chance of winning 2,000 CRS! The Cirrus Token can be either utilized on the Cirrus Sidechain or seamlessly converted back to the STRAT Token via a Cross-Chain Transfer.
To participate, simply send your Cirrus Sidechain address to the giveaway channel within our Discord Server or alternatively, reply to the official tweet with your Cirrus Address.
You will then be sent 1 CG1 Token. In order for you to view your CG1 Token balance, you will need to add a custom token with Cirrus Core. To do this, navigate to the new Token Management tab within Cirrus Core.

Select the ‘Add Token’ button and select ‘Custom’ Token to enter the Cirrus Giveaway 1 Token detail.
Token Contract Address: CXa9fNVXPfYL9rdqiR22NoAc9kZUfBAUCu
Token Symbol: CG1
Token Name: Cirrus Giveaway 1

You will now be able to view your token balance.

In order for you to have the chance to win the 2,000 CRS Token prize, simply send the token back to the below address (This will require a CRS balance, in order to obtain CRS you will have to perform a cross-chain transfer from Stratis Core. More information can be found here).


A winner will be selected on Friday 26th of July 2019 and will receive the 2,000 CRS Token prize!
Download links to the new Cirrus Core wallet can be found below:

Stratis SRC-20 Token Issuance Contract

We are pleased to announce that the SRC-20 Standard Token Issuance contract has been voted into the whitelist by the community operated masternodes and is now deployable on the Cirrus Sidechain. This enables anyone to deploy their own token on the Cirrus Sidechain that can then be utilised to meet many different use-cases.
Deploying your own token from within Cirrus Core is simply achieved via the Smart Contracts tab within the wallet.

Enter the ByteCode of the approved contract, located on the merged pull request and supply the token parameters to define the Token Supply, Token Name and Token Ticker.

Select Create Contract and you have successfully deployed your own SRC20 Token on the Cirrus Sidechain.
More information regarding the deployment of a token and guidance for Smart Contract developers can be found in the below document.
Stratis Smart Contracts Developer Guide
Cirrus Core 2.0 will also be released in the coming weeks, bringing one-click token issuance and full token management allowing you to manage issued tokens with ease.

Cirrus Sidechain & Smart Contracts in C#

Today marks a major milestone for Stratis with the launch of our Cirrus Sidechain Masternodes and Stratis Smart Contracts in C#.
Stratis becomes the world’s first blockchain to offer businesses and developers the ability to execute smart contracts on the Microsoft.NET core architecture. Allowing C# developers to develop auditable Smart Contracts and be confident with the results as true C# code is executed on-chain.
This release follows a successful two-week community testing phase during which Masternode Operators were able to familiarise themselves with operating a Sidechain Masternode and interacting with the Cirrus Sidechain.
The launch of the Cirrus Sidechain extends functionality for businesses operating on the Stratis platform. It includes the first smart contracts platform built entirely from the ground up in native C# on Microsoft’s .NET framework, combining the most popular enterprise programming language and the most widely-used enterprise framework.
As a result of this release, two new wallets are now available to be installed for end-users. Firstly, Stratis Core has been updated to fully support transfers to the Cirrus Sidechain, as well as incorporating the latest release of the Stratis Full Node. The second wallet sees the release of the Cirrus Core wallet, allowing users to create and manage a wallet, interact with Smart Contracts, deploy Smart Contracts and perform cross-chain transfers back to the Stratis Mainchain.
You can now make transfers to the Cirrus Sidechain from your Stratis Core wallet by entering the mainchain federation address and entering your Cirrus address generated from the Cirrus Core Wallet

Mainchain Federation Address: yU2jNwiac7XF8rQvSk2bgibmwsNLkkhsHV

The Cirrus Token can then be safely exchanged back to the Stratis Token via the Send to Mainchain dialog within Cirrus Core by entering the Sidechain Federation Address.

Sidechain Federation Address: cYTNBJDbgjRgcKARAvi2UCSsDdyHkjUqJ2

Expect to see more exciting news coming from Stratis as new contracts are developed and deployed onto the Cirrus Sidechain.
Download links to the newly released wallets can be found below

Stratis Core

Cirrus Core

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