Stratis Full Node 3.0.5

The Stratis Full Node 3.0.5 is now available for general use. This release has been in development for some time and has gone through our rigorous testing phase within the Stratis Coherence Suite.
A brief summary of significant developments within the release can be found below:

  • Address Indexer resiliency
  • Implementation of SignalR to provide an enhanced user experience
  • Introduced ‘account-based’ experience for Cirrus
  • Improvements to the Federation Wallet

Releases of both the Stratis Core wallet and Cirrus Core wallets are also available, both incorporating the 3.0.5 release of the Stratis Full Node.
With the introduction of SignalR we are now able to provide more reliable information to the wallets graphical user interface, resulting in real-time data being pushed to the wallet in a more efficient manner.
There have been significant changes to the Cirrus Core wallet based upon feedback received from the community testing phase. An approach was taken to provide an ‘account-based’ blockchain experience when utilizing the Cirrus Core wallet.
This provides a user-experience comparable to Ethereum and allows the end-user to manage specific addresses opposed to a managing a wallet comprised of a potential significant amount of addresses.


Updates wallets can be downloaded by utilizing the links below:

Stratis Core


Cirrus Core


Stratis & Cirrus Block Explorers

We are pleased to announce the release of block explorers for both Stratis and Cirrus networks. This enables anyone to query transactions, blocks and for the first time, Smart Contracts in C# on-chain execution.
Over time, more features and statistical information will be added to our explorers to provide a birds-eye view of the activity on the respective chains. More importantly, as a result of our Smart Contract implementation, you can now view the executed code in a readable format from the block explorer.
This is one of the many benefits of the Stratis Smart Contracts in C# implementation, providing an increased level of audibility on the contracts executing on-chain.…

In addition to being able to query Smart Contracts in C#, it is now possible to query the Federation Wallet addresses for cross-chain transfers. This enables those performing cross-chain transfers to monitor the progress of a cross-chain transfer.
As part of this release, there are now four block explorers available for immediate use and can be accessed using the below links.

Stratis Mainnet

Cirrus Mainnet

Stratis Testnet

Cirrus Testnet

Cirrus Sidechain & Smart Contracts in C#

Today marks a major milestone for Stratis with the launch of our Cirrus Sidechain Masternodes and Stratis Smart Contracts in C#.
Stratis becomes the world’s first blockchain to offer businesses and developers the ability to execute smart contracts on the Microsoft.NET core architecture. Allowing C# developers to develop auditable Smart Contracts and be confident with the results as true C# code is executed on-chain.
This release follows a successful two-week community testing phase during which Masternode Operators were able to familiarise themselves with operating a Sidechain Masternode and interacting with the Cirrus Sidechain.
The launch of the Cirrus Sidechain extends functionality for businesses operating on the Stratis platform. It includes the first smart contracts platform built entirely from the ground up in native C# on Microsoft’s .NET framework, combining the most popular enterprise programming language and the most widely-used enterprise framework.
As a result of this release, two new wallets are now available to be installed for end-users. Firstly, Stratis Core has been updated to fully support transfers to the Cirrus Sidechain, as well as incorporating the latest release of the Stratis Full Node. The second wallet sees the release of the Cirrus Core wallet, allowing users to create and manage a wallet, interact with Smart Contracts, deploy Smart Contracts and perform cross-chain transfers back to the Stratis Mainchain.
You can now make transfers to the Cirrus Sidechain from your Stratis Core wallet by entering the mainchain federation address and entering your Cirrus address generated from the Cirrus Core Wallet

Mainchain Federation Address: yU2jNwiac7XF8rQvSk2bgibmwsNLkkhsHV

The Cirrus Token can then be safely exchanged back to the Stratis Token via the Send to Mainchain dialog within Cirrus Core by entering the Sidechain Federation Address.

Sidechain Federation Address: cYTNBJDbgjRgcKARAvi2UCSsDdyHkjUqJ2

Expect to see more exciting news coming from Stratis as new contracts are developed and deployed onto the Cirrus Sidechain.
Download links to the newly released wallets can be found below

Stratis Core

Cirrus Core

Stratis Sidechain Masternodes Update

We are pleased to announce the release of Cirrus Sidechain Masternodes will be on the 1st July 2019.
This release includes Stratis Smart Contracts in C# and will be made available for community testing two weeks prior on the 17th June 2019 to allow Masternode Operators to familiarize themselves with operating a Sidechain Masternode and to allow users to interact with the Cirrus Sidechain.
The community testing period is scheduled to last two weeks with the objective to receive valuable feedback. The network will then be restarted and announced as a full production release.

Sidechain Masternode Applications

As we move closer to the release of Sidechain Masternodes, we can now move onto the final stage of registration and define Federated Members for network creation.
During the registration process, there was a requirement to submit a STRAT address that contained the relevant amount of collateral for the selected Sidechain Masternode tier.
To complete the registration process, applicants must prove ownership of the collateral address that was originally provided. There will be a 5-day window in which the applicants can prove ownership of the collateral address.
This final step of registration will need to be undertaken between the 6th May 2019 and 10th May 2019.
To prove ownership, you will need to follow the below process.

      1. Ensure you still have your FederationKey.dat file and know the passphrase
      2. Identify the Collateral Address you provided during registration
      3. Send the collateral requirement to the collateral address you provided

If the collateral amount already exists within the provided collateral address, simply send the entire balance back to the provided address.
After the 10th May 2019, Federated Members will be defined for the Cirrus Sidechain.
Please note that in no instances will Stratis attempt to contact you requesting you to send funds to an address.

Stratis Sidechain Application

As mentioned in our Stratis Sidechain Masternode announcement last week, to progress the allocation of Masternodes for the Cirrus Sidechain, an application form would be made available to begin the enrolment process.
You can now apply to become a Masternode operator on the Cirrus sidechain by completing the form on the below page.
You will need to run the Stratis KeyGen utility that can be obtained via the below link.
Stratis Keygen Utility
The application process will be available until the 31st March 2019.
In addition to making the application form available, Stratis has incorporated design changes to the collateral requirement for both Masternode Tiers. We are happy to announce the collateral will now be held within a Stratis Mainchain wallet allowing token holders to continue staking whilst securing the Cirrus Sidechain.
This decision was made based on the feedback from the community on the original announcement and enables holders of the Stratis token to continue gaining staking rewards on the Stratis Mainchain whilst operating a Masternode.
Information regarding the hardware requirements for operating a Masternode and key dates will be announced after the imminent major release of Stratis Core.

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