Stratis Monthly – July

Schools are out, the USA is celebrating, and airports are full with jolly holiday goers, that can only mean one thing- July has come. For the Stratis community, that means we get another chance to review the achievements and work of the last month.

Stratis unveils Project Atlantis

Our first announcement is a big one. We at Stratis have announced the exciting development of a new game: Project Atlantis.

Project Atlantis will be a city-building game based in a sci-fi world. Video games with a science fiction theme are consistently among the most eagerly awaited and sought-after titles each year. This includes both high-profile AAA releases from leading studios and publishers, as well as more niche offerings from independent developers striving to make a unique impact on the genre.

In Project Atlantis, every player will play on the same server, with each player beginning in a colony with tiny structures and its own resources, military and markets. As the game develops colonies expand and compete for supremacy. Political interactions add an engaging layer to the game with players having to compete and collaborate with other colonies through espionage, trade and war.

We wanted to add real stakes to the game. We had a vision of a city builder that utilises in-game currency to give the time spent playing a real-world value. That’s why we utilised the Cirrus blockchain to add an additional element of reality. This means that the time you spend in game has real value, giving you the ability to trade and swap the in-game currency for real world money.

However, our dedicated team of elite gaming developers have gone even further. We are implementing AI through LLMs to allow for cutting-edge hyper-realistic conversations with NPCs in newly discovered cities. It will also allow for unique terrain creation, character creation, atmospheric music and artefacts.

Read our dedicated blog post here if you want to learn more and see some sneak preview screenshots: https://www.stratisplatform.com/2023/07/04/project-atlantis-web3-ai-p2e/

If you want to stay updated join our discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/9tDyfZs


Corgi Dash promises innovative cross-game NFTs and infinite game mode

Corgi Dash is a Mario Run-inspired game in which players attempt to run all the way to the Corgi house and win NFTs. Corgi Dash has been teasing the release of infinite mode, a game mode that allows players to play infinite levels. This gives the game more replay value and means the fun can keep on going. The team has also been hard at work improving the game’s animations for a more immersive playing experience.

Corgi Dash have also released some information about their hotly anticipated cross-game NFTs with Dawn of Ships. When used in Dawn of Ships, Corgi Dash NFTS will give a plunder GOLD bonus of 1.25% bonus for each NFT used as part of your crew. These cross-game NFTs will be implemented in the next Dawn of Ships update.

Cross-game NFTs are yet to be introduced in web3 games and Stratis will be one of the first blockchains to showcase them. Cross-game NFTs will offer players an integrated gaming experience and encourage users to try new games. It encourages players to play more without the stale repetitiveness that comes with ‘grinding’ on the same game- an experience most gamers are all too familiar with. Cross-game NFTs very well may be a big part of the future of gaming, and we are excited to see it in action.


My XR world releases Beta 6

My XR World allows players to create and socialise in their own personalised space in the metaverse. They have released their Beta 6 version, which the team tells us to consider the ‘director’s cut’ (or in this case really the ‘developer’s build’) for the full game. This is because while refining will still need to take place on the UI before it can be called complete, the metaverse experience is now fully functional.

Getting to this point required significant changes. They have moved away from Playfab as the user management console and partnered with Loot Locker for stronger monetization support. This means you can now publish incredible curations of work into your own personal gallery and truly call it your own.

This means you can hop onto your PC and in just a few clicks create your own VR space and interact with friends. So why not do so? Contact the team if you want to learn more [email protected]


DoS updates

The team at Dawn of Ships has been hard at work over the last month or so working on new features. The developers of the swashbuckling P2E Web3 game powered by the Stratis blockchain are still hard at work on the new ambushing feature. This feature will allow you to strategically loot the plunder missions of other players. They are also working to introduce a feature that allows you to purchase gold using OVIA. This will make it easier to buy gold, in turn making gameplay more convenient


The other big update is the collaborative work with Corgi Dash on cross game NFTs. Do keep an eye out for the next update to put your Corgi Dash NFTs to use in Dawn of Ships to gain some extra gold!


Introducing Project Atlantis: A Pioneering Web3 Game, Blending AI, Play-2-Earn (P2E), and Blockchain Technology

Six months ago, Stratis assembled a gaming division comprised of an elite team of gaming developers with one distinct goal: to develop a game that synergizes AI with Stratis Blockchain Technologies. Today, Stratis is thrilled to unveil their latest development, Project Atlantis.

Stratis set out to take city builder games a step further and has done so by introducing an economic aspect of an in-game currency token deployed on the Cirrus Blockchain. This game currency can be earnt, traded and swapped with real money, giving your hours spent in the game a real-world value. In addition to integrating Stratis Blockchain Technologies, Project Atlantis will utilize Artificial Intelligence to provide extraordinary conversational experiences with Non-Player-Characters in newly discovered cities. The utilization of LLMs will also offer real-time artefact generation, creating unique in-game assets, such as terrain, characters, items, and more. It doesn’t end there. Project Atlantis will also lean on generative models to provide atmospheric music based on the surrounding environment, creating a genuinely unique experience for players as they navigate the world of Project Atlantis. When applied correctly, gaming is a great use case for blockchain and AI, enabling new and innovative ways for users to genuinely own unique in-game items and explore new token economics that holds value outside the gaming realm.

Set in a futuristic landscape, Project Atlantis is a city-building game where every player exists on a single server, and the gameplay unfolds regardless of your online status. Your journey begins in colonies – once bustling hubs now desolate, dotted with tiny structures. Each colony operates independently, owning its resources, buildings, armies, and traders. As the game progresses, these colonies expand, more building slots are unlocked, and players are guided towards collaboration, trades, and combat for supremacy. You will lead your armies through epic battles for resources and destruction, manage resource nodes, create trade mechanisms, and engage in espionage to stay ahead of the competition. Moreover, you can join alliances and trading guilds for political interactions or maintain relations with resource-rich regions to be conquered, traded with, or negotiated upon.

Screenshots of the actual game can be found below:

For those who relish intricate resource management, city building, and strategy games or crave an immersive world where earning and gaming coexist, Project Atlantis is your ultimate destination. It promises intense gameplay, multi-layered strategic elements, and, most significantly, the integration of Stratis Blockchain Technologies and Artificial Intelligence. We look forward to welcoming you into Project Atlantis and venturing beyond the traditional gaming experience into the unexplored frontier of future gaming.

More details will be released in the coming months, including exclusive beta access for members of the Stratis Community. Stay tuned in our Discord server to be the first to know: https://discordapp.com/invite/9tDyfZs

Stratis Monthly – June


For many, June means the start of summer and vacation season, a perfect time to go over the achievements from across the Stratis ecosystem from the last month.

20th May Meet-up

May saw another Stratis meet-up at the Tower Suites in central London. Sunnier than the last few meet-ups and located on the rooftop terrace, it was a happy occasion which allowed community members to connect and share what they have been working on over the last few months.

Stratis co-founder, Krushang Patel, presented at the most recent meet-up, talking about the Stratis ecosystem—a huge thank you to all attendees.

Dawn of Ships updated

Those keeping up to date with the Stratis community will be well aware of the progress of Dawn of Ships. Late April saw the open beta release, which has opened the game to a much wider audience. For those of you who haven’t had a chance to try the game, Dawn of Ships is an idle RPG game that allows players to engage in plundering missions and ambushes to earn utility NFTs and other prizes.

Dawn of Ships has released a new version, V1.1.4, mainly consisting of bug fixes. This will help to optimize the playing experience further. Dawn of Ships has made a point to thank everyone for their feedback, which is key to offering continued improvements to the game.

Dawn of Ships also intends to allow players to opt out of ambush missions to avoid getting ambushed. For more information on the ambush system and other game features, read their whitepaper: https://astroverseclub.medium.com/dawn-of-ships-gdd-whitepaper-2fa835729e21

Corgi Dash game changes and cross-game NFTs

Corgi Dash is a Mario Run-inspired game that is available to play on PC and WebGL. Corgi Dash has announced some game changes, including an infinite game mode. Infinite game mode allows users to play endless levels. This promises non-stop fun for the Corgi Dash players!

Following US regulatory advice, the game will transition from a P2E structure to a P2O structure. While important, the game still promises to remain engaging, and the Stratis blockchain remains central.

In another exciting development, Stratis plans to introduce cross-game NFTs. With this change, Corgi Dash NFT holders can use their NFT in Dawn of Ships. Expect a more integrated Stratis ecosystem and gaming experience, meaning there has never been a better time to get your Corgi Dash NFTs.

File Protected approaching launch

A recent announcement from FileProtected suggests they are approaching launch.  FileProtected is an NFT marketplace that gives creators more control of their intellectual property, hoping to increase trust in the creative process. It does so through a content registration service that uses blockchain, timestamps, and digital fingerprints to secure copyright ownership. Buyers and sellers can work directly with each other, meaning fewer intermediaries, creating a marketplace where everyone can trust the integrity of assets.

Some features being launched include licensing and marketplace features for easy transactions. Other improvements include the code, UI, and ‘simple legal’ feature. ‘Simple legal’ allows users to easily copyright and monetize their assets. A new feature will also enable users to link their sales channels (NFT, print sales, agent, etc.).

Much work has gone on in the background at FileProtected, and we look forward to the launch.

Ticketsphere approaches release

Earlier this year, Stratis announced they would release a next-generation ticketing platform, Ticketsphere. The deployment of NFT ticketing services promises to reduce fraud and improve the ticketing experience. Ticketsphere will allow organizers to issue tickets as NFTs, which can be paid for in FIAT currency.

NFTs will benefit ticker holders as it is a definitive and secure proof of ownership, allowing more control over the exchange and resale of tickets. It will also benefit artists who can now keep track of ownership and prevent extortionate resales, or at least earn royalties on any resales which occur. Historically ticketing providers have also taken extortionate cuts of ticket sales, losing artists and fans money. Therefore, Ticketsphere promises to disrupt and optimize the ticketing space.

We have been working hard on Ticketsphere’s official release, which is getting closer by the day. To keep up to date with the release and other updates, follow Ticketsphere on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ticketsphere_

Stratis Monthly – May

For many, the month of May is when summer stops being a dream and starts to become a reality. So as we pass Easter and roll into summer, we want to take this opportunity to look back at April and celebrate some achievements from across the Stratis community.

STRAX listed on KuCoin

April saw STRAX, the cryptocurrency linked to the Stratis blockchain, listed on KuCoin. The Stratis blockchain runs a proof of authority mechanism, which makes it more sustainable than major blockchains. This means STRAX is better for the environment than most. KuCoin is a secure cryptocurrency exchange that allows the trading of most major cryptocurrencies. STRAX being available on KuCoin is an important step in making STRAX more widely available for digital purchases and trading.

Do check it out for yourself on KuCoin: https://www.kucoin.com

Dawn of Ships open beta release

Late April saw a huge milestone for Dawn of Ships as they released their open beta. Earlier in the month, Dawn of Ships released game update v1.1.0. This update included new features like a mission timer, improved UI, bug fixes and more.

Those who have read this blog will be familiar with Dawn of Ships; it is a swashbuckling idle RPG game in which players can earn tokens and use utility NFTs from the Stratis blockchain. The open beta opens the game up for all of us to try, and the changes from the most recent update will continue to make the game more functional and allow users to get more immersed in strategy and gameplay.

Play it for yourself by clicking the link below and downloading the game: https://github.com/obikhajj/Dawn-of-Ships-Release-Builds/releases/tag/v1.1.0


HashBattle is a blockchain gaming platform powered by Stratis. We were thrilled to see the Hashbattle team announce that several new games, including Car Loops and Line Runner, will be added to the Hashbattle arena soon. By playing these games, players earn rewards, which are facilitated by the Stratis blockchain

This is added to Hashbattle’s already fun-packed portfolio, which includes games like Cops Clash, Hurdle Hop, Tunnel Trouble and Counting Snakes. Get playing now to earn for yourself!

Corgi Dash has had their third SDA proposal approved

Congratulations to Corgi Dash on getting their third SDA proposal approved. Corgi Dash is an action-packed play-to-earn game on the Stratis blockchain. The game sees players attempt to make the dash to the apex of the Corgi House.

We look forward to seeing the funds used to improve the game further.


Stratis Monthly – April

April derives from the Latin term ‘to open’ — referring to flowers fully blooming in spring. As we head into April, the last month has certainly been a time of blooming for Stratis as we’ve seen SDA proposals, events, releases, and lots of development. Please read below for a recap of where we now stand as April begins.

My XR World

The My XR World team has been working hard on some exciting new functions, implementing an add friends feature, which allows users to invite their buddies and visit their worlds easily. Making My XR World a functional social space for users is an essential step in the development of the experience.

 There are also several developments in the pipeline for My XR World. The team is working on implementing a tagging system that will improve the organising of digital assets and help users display them in personalised spaces. There is also work to improve the uploading of assets, including 3D, entire Unity scenes, Reddit pages and music files. There will also include tools that allow users to monetise some assets they upload.

 The team are working to make the experience more immersive, including building a new UI and the ability to buy storefront space in the metaverse mall. If you want to learn more or try the Beta, contact the team in their Discord Server.

Trivia Legends

Trivia Legends has been released for more than a month and has secured 10,000 players and seen 1,400 new game wallets created. Clearly people are excited to try their hand at the innovative trivia-strategy game.

 Kiqqi, the developers behind Trivia Legends, are working on several improvements in the NFT systems, including fixes to the mint scaling system and tools to ease NFT game collection management. They are also researching ways to introduce cross-game NFT characters — so do watch this space as the Kiqqi games universe could soon become interconnected. Other developments in the Kiqqi camp include work on their Question API and Database for Trivia Legends, which will allow for extensions like adding questions on the fly and multi-language translations.

Click here to download the app.

Stratis Meetup

Last month on March 24th, we saw another enjoyable meetup for the Stratis Community at Tower Suites in London. The meetups are a key part of building Stratis as a community, with merch, drinks, insightful presentations, and pleasant conversation always found in abundance. We were particularly pleased to see more of the work from Trivia Legends, Dawn of Ships and My XR World, all of which are powered by the Stratis blockchain.

Click the link to get a free ticket to the next one.


Corgi Dash available on PC and WebGL

The Mario Run-inspired play-to-earn game Corgi Dash is now available on PC and WebGL. This is a significant achievement from the Corgi Dash team and a testament to their continued work and passion for the game. With Corgi Dash now available, there is no better time to click the links below and experience it first-hand. 

PC: https://github.com/Corgidash/Corgi-Dash-Download/releases/tag/v0.2…

WebGL: https://play.corgidash.cc

Stratisphere App is available on iOS and Android

Stratisphere, the Stratis blockchain’s own NFT marketplace, has released the Stratisphere NFT Wallet for iOS and Android. This will make NFTs easier to store, buy and sell from your phone — which is vital for the Stratis Ecosystem as a whole as more of Stratisphere’s NFTs are leveraged in games on the Stratis blockchain.

Stratisphere is the ideal place to list and buy NFTs, with 0% marketplace commission and enforced royalties. So if you want to download the app for iOS or Android, click on the respective links below.

iOS: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/stratisphere-wallet/id1642474719…

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.stratisplatform.stratisphere&gl=GB…

Dawn of ships

Dawn of Ships has reached an important milestone in the closed Beta release, which allows Club Pass holders to play the game. So if you want to have a go, Astroverse club passes are available at the Stratisphere store. Dawn of Ships is a swashbuckling P2E Web3 game powered by the Stratis Blockchain, which sees players battle it out on the seas, with utility NFTs representing ships and crew to offer an immersive, strategic and engaging experience for players.

Soon we expect to see the open Beta release, so keep an eye on their Twitter so you can begin playing as soon as it is released.


We are also very excited to announce the V1 release of Coinvault. Coinvault is a Stratis and Cirrus non-custodial HD wallet in your extension browser for tokens, identities, NFTs and more. Featuring indexers, smart contract interactions and more, it allows for an integrated approach with the Stratisphere platform and Opdex.

The Coinvault team is now working on optimising and adding more features. Specifically, they are focussing on the stability of the code secure audits. They recently presented at the Stratis meetup, so watch for future presentations and developments.


SDA Update #7

Many in the Stratis community will already know that development using the Stratis blockchain has been active in the early part of 2023. Below, we summarise some of the major developments on the Stratis blockchain, however there is no replacement for joining the Stratis community yourself and seeing the updates first-hand on our Discord. Anyway, without further ado, here is the Stratis Decentralised Accelerator (SDA) update number seven, summarising the major updates which have been facilitated by the SDA over the last few months.


My XR World


My XR World is a unique metaverse experience which allows users to socialise online and display their digital assets in a personalised virtual space. Recent updates have enhanced the user experience on the My XR World platform, with one of the most exciting of these recent additions is a new feature which allows users to upload almost any type of image to their world with ease. This allows for increased personalisation of your space- a key feature for My XR World.


There have also been some operational improvements, such as updates to the asset browser and improved moderation features. This will allow for better organisation of assets and ensuring My XR World is safe for everyone, two significant steps in making My XR World a more user-friendly and enjoyable experience.


The My XR World team is also hard at work on new features following the approval of their third SDA proposal. This includes work to further improve uploading of assets, including 3D assets, entire Unity scenes and music files. This will include tools which allow users to monetize 3D assets they upload, rewarding artists for their work and increasing incentives to innovate and create. We also hope to allow users to upload their reddit pages in the Metaverse 3D environment through Reddit P. This will allow users to easily and aesthetically present memes, the latest media and other updates in the Metaverse, through a platform which many of our users already enjoy regularly.


There is more work being undertaken including work on a new UI and the ability to buy storefront in the metaverse mall- however we only have so much space. If you are interested in learning more or want to try the beta test, contact the team at [email protected]. We look forward to seeing you in the metaverse!


Kiqqi Games


Kiqqi games is a Croatian game development team that has embraced NFTs and web3 as a core part of their company ethos. They are currently working on Trivia Legends, a Trivia strategy game powered by the Stratis Blockchain, in which characters are represented by NFTs.


Kiqqi are currently working on a number of improvements in the NFT systems. This includes fixes to the mint scaling system and tools to ease NFT game collection management, which is used in Trivia Legends but can theoretically be used across all of their games. They are also researching ways to introduce cross-game NFT characters- so do watch this space as the Kiqqi games universe could soon become very connected


Other work going on across Kiqqi include work on their Question API and Database for Trivia Legends, which will allow for extensions like adding questions on the fly and multi-language translations. Work is also ongoing for new game features, where they are currently focussing work on improving existing code and architecture. 


With the recent release on iOS and Android stores, there has never been a better time to start playing Trivia Legends.


Download it here: https://link-to.app/nuUwHRYgqt  




Stratis DevEx is a project dedicated to improving the developer experience for those using Stratis smart contracts. DevEx is currently working on a few new features, these include implementing a call graph exploration tool window, control-flow graph exploration tool and class + struct diagram tool window. Another piece in development is cross-platform GUI which will analyse the running of different IDEs like Visual Studio and JetBrains Rider which helps to visualise information and will also provide UI elements allowing a valid smart contract to be tested or uploaded to a node.


DevEx is essential for the Stratis blockchain to realise its potential as smart contracts automates certain actions on the blockchain, making the process more user friendly- decreasing the burden of trust required for transactions to take place.


Read more about the work being undertaken on DevEx here


Corgi Dash


Corgi Dash is a Mario Run inspired game where anyone can earn coins through skilled gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem. Corgi Dash is happy to announce that it has been made available on PC beta and is available for download on Github. Whether you’re an experienced gamer or a first-timer we think that this game is for you, as it is packed full of excitement and also gives the chance to earn Corgi Coins which will be added to your Stratis wallet. Powered by Stratis blockchain, be ready for an exciting run to the Corgi House!


Keep up to date via Twitter, Discord, or checking out the website.


Dawn of Ships


Dawn of Ships is continuously developing, with recent focus on their Beta releases. Dawn of Ships recently released their closed Beta, which allows Club Pass holders to play their game. So if you want to play now get your pass now, Astroverse club passes are available on the Stratisphere store. The game allows players to battle it out on the seas, with utility NFTs representing ships and crew to give a deeply strategic, yet fun, experience for players.


Soon we expect to see the open Beta release, so keep an eye on their Twitter so you can begin playing as soon as it is released.





Our final update is to announce the V1 release of Coinvault! This is a massive achievement so a big well done to the Coinvault team for all their hard work on this. Coinvault is a Stratis and Cirrus non-custodial HD wallet in your extension browser for your token, identities, NFTs and more. Featuring indexers, smart contract interactions and more, it allows for an integrated approach with the Stratisphere platform and Opdex which gives a smooth user experience. Meaning that this release is a big step forward for the Stratis blockchain and community as a whole.


The coinvault team is now working on optimising and adding more features. Specifically, they are focussing on the stability of the code and secure audits. Recently they presented at the Stratis London Meetup- so do come to our next one to hear about more exciting projects.


CoinVault is now available from the Chrome Web Store, so be sure to click on the link and try it out for yourself.

Stratis Monthly – March

March sees the days becoming longer, things warming up, and the trees starting to bloom. As we move into spring, the Stratis community has a lot to celebrate. We have seen several updates, releases and meetups — read a recap of this below.

Stratis Unreal Metaverse Plugin

Stratis has released a new Metaverse Plugin, which is available now from the Epic Games Unreal Marketplace.

The plugin helps designers to interact with the node in the Stratis blockchain. This enables users to leverage decentralised infrastructure to build next-generation apps and games. The plugin uses decentralised apps (dApps) that have their backend code running on a decentralised network in the place of a centralised server. Smart Contracts are used for the app’s logic, allowing for transparent mediation of transactions.

The plug-in also allows users to mint, transfer and deploy NFTs and ERC20- like tokens, allowing for enhanced security, real ownership, and operational in-game currencies.

Interact with the Stratis node today by downloading the plugin here:



February Meetup

On the 17th of February, we again welcomed many of you to Tower Suites in London. The community is vital to any healthy web3 ecosystem, and it is always good to see you guys in person as we continue to build our community. Thanks to everyone who came- and a special thanks to those who spoke.

Our next one is on the 24th of March, so grab your free tickets from the link below. We can’t wait to see you there!



Trivia Legends

We briefly mentioned the breaking news of the Apple and Android release of Trivia Legends in our last monthly update, but we thought we’d give it a little more focus this month.

Trivia legends is a casual mobile play-to-own collectible-style trivia game. Trivia is mixed with strategy to offer a twist to the standard trivia format — a move which makes gameplay a novel, yet enjoyable, experience. Player avatars are NFTs that increase in power the more in-game experience is gained.

The new version includes a number of new features and improvements. These include a collection of NFT characters from the Stratis blockchain and collectible rewards.

It is now available on Android and Apple stores, so be sure to play it for yourself:



Dawn of Ships

Dawn of Ships is making preparations for their Beta release and have revealed information about the roll out and some of the features they plan to offer. They announced this month that Astroverse club pass holders will be the first to play Dawn of Ships, with each pass also giving the holder a free NFT ship for in-game use.

Furthermore, the Dawn of Ships NFT page is now live. You can click here to browse the collection here. The ships offer in-game use, so if you want to sail the seas and participate in raids, getting your hands on some ship and crew NFTs can boost your vessel and offer rewards bonuses.

Be sure to keep your eyes open for any updates by scanning the Dawn of Ships website, Discord and Twitter.



Ticketsphere, Stratis’ next generation NFT ticketing platform, will release on 29th March. Ticketsphere replaces physical tickets with NFTs that offer better ownership, a reduced risk of fraud and a new means of interaction with ticket owners.

Ticketsphere is unique as it introduces NFTs to ticketing and makes these NFTs accessible. Typically you must own cryptocurrency to interact with a blockchain, which can alienate new users as it requires an understanding of crypto and often the trust of a centralised exchange. Ticketsphere allows users to purchase using a debit/credit card or even newer payment methods.

To learn more, read our blog release here. There will be more updates to come, so we recommend you keep your eyes on our Twitter and ourwebsite, which is launching soon.


GBPT: Progress made and new compliance officer hired

One of Stratis’ immediate core objectives is issuing a Great British Pound Token stablecoin. Our CEO and founder Chris Trew recently spoke to City AM to outline why the world needs a GBP stablecoin. The next step towards offering a secure and trusted stablecoin is ensuring regulatory compliance. We have hired an experienced Compliance Officer and are working with the law firm CMS, the only UK law firm to employ a crypto industry specialist.

Read more about our recent progress in our dedicated blog post here: https://www.stratisplatform.com/2023/02/10/gbpt-update/

GBPT Update


The issuance of a regulatory-compliant stablecoin, pegged to the Great British Pound, remains one of Stratis’s core focuses. As mentioned in a recent article that touched on Why the world needs a GBP stablecoin, it’s clear that use cases are abundant regarding stablecoins; however, being regulatory compliant and providing transparent proof of one-to-one backing is crucial – this has been made apparent by the enormous fines imposed on those who have failed to retain a clear one-to-one backing of funds, or, have operated in jurisdictions without the required regulatory approval.

Leading experts are currently assisting Stratis at CMS Law. CMS are the only UK law firm to employ a crypto industry business specialist to work with their lawyers on project validation. Stratis has also enrolled a new Compliance Officer to complement their engagement with CMS. The successful candidate was instrumental in building a compliance department at a leading innovative UK liquidity provider. The new team member will be heading up all compliance matters to ensure Stratis remains regulatory compliant within all its business affairs.

While there may be a somewhat understandable reluctance to utilize public blockchain infrastructure, the acceptance of digital currencies within the public domain excites those at Stratis, sparking creative thought on how government can employ logic within smart contracts to dictate public spending. Many use cases become possible through accepting and supporting a digital currency or “Smart Money” within the public and private sectors. A digital pound, a term ‘coined’ by the Bank of England, is undoubtedly becoming more of a reality with the recent publication of consultation and working papers issued by the Bank of England. Stratis believes that a secure, public and decentralized blockchain is the rational choice to issue a digital pound.

Stratis is continuing to broaden its reach by focusing not only on the UK but also on Europe. Stratis is also applying to SEPBLAC (The Executive Service of the Commission for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Monetary Offences) to register as a Virtual Asset Service Provider. Once again, Stratis has engaged with CMS (Spain) to assist with the application, leaning on their expertise and experience. A successful application will enable Stratis to provide liquidation services as part of a separate business future that it will unveil in the near future.

The technology that makes the GBPT offering possible has already undergone internal testing. If Stratis can attain an FCA registration, this will enable Stratis to provide an end-to-end solution through its registration as a Payment Initiation and Account Information service provider. Stratis’ ability to deliver an end-to-end solution without reliance on an external party for services such as Open Banking presents the possibility of the GBPT solution being made available, at ease, for different currencies in the growing list of countries that are beginning to adopt the Open Banking standards.

As per usual, exciting times await Stratis.

Introducing Ticketsphere

Stratis is excited to announce Ticketsphere, the next generation NFT ticketing platform coming on the 29th March 2023.

Event-goers are familiar with a ticket represented by a physical piece of card or paper which grants access to a given event. This concept of tickets is somewhat standardized, even though there are some apparent downfalls, such as loss of tickets, reselling of tickets (touting) and the potential for fraud, to name a few. Innovative technologies, such as blockchain, present the opportunity to significantly improve the ticketing experience from an event-goer perspective and an event organizer/performer. The introduction of Web3 delivers actual ownership, definitive lifecycle(s) and new ways to interact with ticket owners. Enter Ticketsphere. Ticketsphere provides event organizers and performers with a platform to create and issue tickets for their events, represented as non-fungible tokens. The non-fungible tokens are sent to the event-goer as part of the ticket-purchasing process, ensuring genuine ownership and a wholly non-custodial experience.

One of the challenges presented with “Web3” is seamlessly accessing cryptocurrencies without alienating a new user. This requires an education element and, most times, the trust of centralized exchanges. Typically, a cryptocurrency must be owned to allow interaction with a blockchain, such as purchasing a non-fungible token. This is where Ticketsphere separates itself. The Ticketsphere platform operates as a typical e-commerce site, allowing users to select an item for purchase. They purchase using a debit/credit card or even new payment methods such as bank transfers through the new Open Banking standard. Once a ticket is purchased, the Ticketsphere app is installed on the user’s mobile device. When installed, the user will scan a QR Code from their mobile device, registering the device as the ticket recipient. This results in the non-fungible token being issued.

The popular Stratis Blockchain Meetups at the Tower Suites in London will be the initial launchpad before the team begin working with some established venues in London. There is already significant interest from venues who are seeking new and innovative ways to interact with their clientele. Ticketsphere delivers that and more. The Ticketsphere mobile app is also leveraged at the venue, enabling door staff and event organizers to validate the authenticity of an attendee ticket efficiently. It doesn’t stop there. Event organizers can also engage with their attendees like never before, providing attendees access to exclusive content, swag and freebies.

Ticketsphere.com will launch in March month. Follow the Twitter to keep up to date with all future announcements!

Stratis Monthly – February

As February comes around we hope you all have a chance to shake off those January blues and get into the roll of 2023. Or maybe there’s no need to- as this blog shows, the last month saw some significant steps forward for the Stratis Community. So, let’s talk about the updates we saw in January:

My XR Gallery SDA

Polycarbon Games has had its third SDA proposal approved for My XR Gallery!

US-based game developers, Polycarbon Games’ My XR World is an immersive metaverse experience that allows users to buy and sell NFTs. The immersive experience also allows users to socialise with other users and display their NFTs in a personalised space- giving owners a new way to engage with their NFTs.

Since their last SDA proposal, they have put the funds to good use, using them to develop the Sky Dream mall and easier uploading of NFTs to the digital space. This SDA proposal will mean My XR Gallery can continue to develop well into the future- so be sure to watch out for updates from them on Twitter (@MyXRWorld) or check it out for yourself: https://www.myxrgallery.com

Trivia Legends

Trivia Legends, the play2own collectible-style trivia game, has officially been released on the iOS and Android stores. A massive congratulations to the Kiqqi Games team for all their work on this one.

Check it out now to get winning and importing NFTs- it’s a lot of fun!

Click on this link for the game:


Or join their Discord to find out more:


Stratis wallet updates

Stratis wallet saw some exciting new updates in January. The end of the month saw updates to the IOS and android apps, which included fixes for minor bugs and deep link redirection. This will offer users an improved experience, making holding and transferring STRAX an even smoother process.

We also saw the Stratis wallet release. If you haven’t updated yet do so now- this update is necessary for wallet and staking features to be functional

Stratis meetups

Seeing people in person at our meetups in London has always been a highlight- and January was no different. The meetup saw a great turnout with a vibrant mix of people at Tower Suites in London. It was a delight to hear such interesting discussions on tech and Stratis at a stunning central London spot.

We look forward to seeing everyone again at our next meetup on the 17th of February. And if you haven’t been before- you’re missing out! Sign up for free here, and do so as soon as possible as these events can sell out.


The Blockcore team has been busy at work over the last few months building a Nostr client and cross chain atomic swaps. These swaps will allow for permissionless swap between coins – a significant addition to the wallet.

Blockcore is a group of developers working towards decentralisation, currently working on their wallet, platform and notes. For more info follow them on twitter @blockcoredev.

Or check out their websites:




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