We are moving to Discord

With messages no longer being retained and the inability to invite new members, we have outgrown the Slack platform for the Stratis Community. This is an issue that we are now solving.
As a result, we have selected Discord as our new community platform. This is a pivotal step in enabling our community to further grow, and we encourage developers to join and collaborate.
Discord boasts a number of key features; unlimited number of users, message retention and increased moderation.
Our existing Slack workspace will remain open, however, over the coming weeks, we will close the Slack workspace. This will be communicated in due course.
We would like to welcome everyone to join us in our new Discord.

Stratis Full Node Mainnet Beta Release

Our team is very excited to announce the beta release of our Full Node for Mainnet.
The Full Node is a key part of our blockchain ecosystem and this beta release represents a significant milestone. We have focused on ensuring our software is more functional, stable and performant.
This node includes the latest improvements which are listed below:

  • Improved detailed logging
  • Improved configuration
  • Move to asynchronous approach
  • Adding a CLI project
  • Resolution of race conditions
  • Increased code documentation
  • Increased test coverage

Complete refactoring of the P2P code:

  • Resolution of memory leaks
  • P2P code is completely asynchronous
  • Peer discovery improvements
  • Address database moved to JSON files
  • Introduction of peer banning
  • Improved code abstraction
  • New logic for time syncing between peers


  • Resolution of reorg issues
  • Improved transaction broadcasting
  • Resolved concurrency issues in the wallet
  • Wallet optimised to handle larger number of transactions
  • Support for staking


  • Improved consensus validation flow
  • Improved block downloading flow
  • Introduction of a Rules Engine
  • Migration of consensus logic to rules
  • Removal of unused POSv2 validation
  • Enhanced block and transaction relay


  • Staking on multiple threads
  • Improved algorithm of splitting stake outputs


  • Introduction of additional endpoints
  • Introduction of SwaggerUI
  • Controllers discoverable by features

New features:

  • Watch-only wallet
  • DNS crawler
  • Azure Indexer

This is a beta release, therefore, please use the staking feature with caution.
Please help us by reporting any issues you may find:
GitHub: https://github.com/stratisproject/StratisBitcoinFullNode/issues
Slack: #fullnode_support channel

Mahesh Chand Joins Stratis

We are delighted to announce Mahesh Chand has joined the Stratis team.
Mahesh is the founder of C# Corner, Microsoft Regional Director, serial entrepreneur, chief strategy advisor, and the CEO of Mindcracker Inc.
C# Corner is the largest online community of C# and Microsoft developers with over 5 million monthly visitors and close to 3 million registered members. C# Corner has 32 chapters in various cities around the globe. In addition, Mahesh has published a number .NET programming books and has been awarded the prestigious Microsoft MVP Award for 13 consecutive years for his contributions to the .NET developer community.

“I am thrilled to be a part of the Stratis team. I have been watching Stratis since its inception and I really like the team and where this community is heading. Stratis is a developer-first community-first company and I really like that. Being a founder of C# Corner, my focus has always been developers and how to make their lives better. I believe Stratis brings the same values and ethics to the community.” said Mahesh Chand.

Mahesh will assist Stratis in building strong relationships with enterprises and developer adoption of the Stratis platform.
Please welcome Mahesh to the Stratis team.

Stratis Development Roadmap Update

The Stratis Q1 and Q2 Roadmap is now available, highlighting the key deliverables from Stratis over the course of this period.

Full Node GUI
The Full Node GUI is constantly improving, this release is built upon the feedback received from the Alpha release in December. This release will be a Mainnet Beta release.
Breeze Privacy Protocol
The Breeze Wallet with Privacy Protocol has progressed through various internal test phases that focused on further testing of the protocol. In addition, rigorous testing has continued around the ‘accounting’ of the protocol with coin safety as a top concern.
Expect to see the Mainnet Beta release during this period.
Full Node
Development work on the full node continues and we are currently undertaking extensive test cycles. This will be a Mainnet Beta release.
ICO Platform
The ICO platform will be utilized by the two-announced verified ICOs in the coming weeks. The final release incorporates the feedback provided during the Stratis Test ICO, as well as an improved user interface.
Stratis Identity
Additional features are being added to the Stratis Identity application for the Apple iOS release. Once these features have been integrated, the application will be re-submitted for Apple’s verification.
Stratis Academy
Courses continue to be developed for the Stratis Academy and will be released during this period.
Smart Contracts
Smart contracts development continues with the Alpha release to be available during this period. More information regarding the Smart Contract offering will be communicated in a separate blog post.
Several of our technologies are coming together; Blockchain Generation, Blockchain Customization and Sidechains. These combined technologies create a flexible and feature rich platform. Expect to see a first-step release of these technologies working together in this period when our Sidechains Alpha is released.

Further updates on the progress of the roadmap deliverables will be communicated during this period. The roadmap highlights the exciting deliverables for Stratis in Q1 & Q2.

Beyond Global Trade Engagement

Today we are excited to announce an engagement with Beyond Global Trade. Beyond Global Trade operates under Beyond Manufacturing, a well-established manufacturing organization with a global distribution network, focused on providing simple and efficient solutions to their clients.

Beyond Global Trade have a presence in China, Singapore, Taiwan and the USA. Over the years they have produced products for some of the world’s largest brands and have also won several prestigious awards.

“We are extremely excited to work with Stratis on our ICO launch. Together with Stratis, we can further optimize processes, fight counterfeits and improve trust in trade.” said Peter Chin, founder and CEO.
The engagement with Stratis entails the hosting of the Beyond Global Trade ICO on the Stratis platform. Stratis will also play a pivotal role in the development of the Beyond Global Trade Blockchain platform, built upon the Stratis C# Full Node.
More information regarding Beyond Global Trade products and services can be found on their new website. Further details regarding the upcoming ICO will be communicated by Beyond Global Trade in due course.

C# Corner Partnership

Stratis is pleased to announce a partnership with well-renowned C# Corner, the largest global community of C# developers.
One of the goals of this partnership is to have more C# developers involved with blockchain technology and the Stratis platform. As Stratis has been developed from the ground-up in C# and .NET Framework, C# Corner provides the perfect environment to showcase Stratis’ technology. Stratis will also be attending future C# Corner conferences in various regions.
Headquartered in Philadelphia (USA), C# Corner is a global community of 3 million members worldwide and the go to place for C# developers to learn, collaborate and share.
C# Corner has 5 million monthly visitors publishing the latest news and content related to C# and .NET development. There are also over 35 C# Corner local user groups in various cities around the globe that organize a number of events and conferences within the USA and India.
“Blockchain is one of the fastest growing technologies of 2017 and I’m really excited to have this opportunity with Stratis to bring blockchain learning to C# Corner members.”, said founder of C# Corner, Mahesh Chand.
The Stratis blockchain development platform is both powerful and flexible, aimed at the use-cases of real-world enterprises. Stratis “Makes Blockchain Easy” for clients by taking a modular approach towards design, development, testing and deployment.
This is an exciting partnership that will allow the Stratis platform to be shared with the largest online C# community, resulting in greater exposure for our platform.”, said Chris Trew, CEO of Stratis Platform.

Development Update

Stratis Identity App
The Stratis Identity iOS application is currently awaiting approval to be published to the Apple App Store.
The application is complete, and it is now dependant on the review and approval process.
Release Date: Q1 2018
Stratis Sidechains
The Stratis Sidechain technology is based upon the Stratis Full Node. Extensive work has been undertaken to further develop our Stratis Sidechain offering and a number of core features are being implemented. This includes instant sidechain creation and methods to fund the sidechain from the mainchain.
The sidechain team are also working closely with the smart contracts team in order to enable enterprises to run smart contracts on their respective sidechains.

Another core feature of Stratis Blockchain-as-a-Service is the Stratis Blockchain Generation Technology. This has been made available as a separate offering to fulfil any immediate requirements to deploy blockchains for customers whilst the full Stratis Sidechain product is in development.

Alpha Release Date: Q1 2018
Stratis Smart Contracts
Stratis is working on providing a smart contracts solution that will cater for .NET developers by providing a comfortable and familiar development environment, as well as being performant and secure.
We are currently in the implementation phase and the overall architecture is in place. Work is progressing on the gas expenditure and persistent storage aspects of smart contracts.
The Stratis Blockchain Technology Platform is proving to be a first-class platform for C# sidechain and smart contract development and 2018 will be an exciting year for Stratis.
Alpha Release Date: Q1 2018

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