Navigating Web3 Safely

With the recent migration, Stratis has transitioned from a Bitcoin-based blockchain to an Ethereum-based framework. The move to an Ethereum-based ecosystem opens new possibilities with native Web3 support, utilizing Web3 wallets that differ from what was previously available. The transition from a bespoke wallet such as the STRAX Wallet and Cirrus Core to a multi-network Web3 wallet like MetaMask introduces new risks and exposure to more frequent and sophisticated phishing attempts. Stratis is committed to guiding its community through these challenges, ensuring a safe and informed transition into the Web3 world.

What is Web3?

Web3 refers to the third generation of the Internet, a revolutionary concept that focuses on decentralization and self-sovereign ownership. In this new world, individuals have complete control and ownership over their identity and assets without relying on any central authority. This is a significant step forward in the evolution of blockchain technology, and Stratis is excited to be at the forefront of this movement.

While there are many benefits of web3, primarily focusing on enhanced privacy and control over your data, the absence of an intermediary places the onus on the user to ensure sound security practices and an understanding of how to manage their wallets safely.

Your Defence Mechanism

The following defence mechanisms are essential for anyone navigating this space, aiming to minimize risks and ensure a secure experience.

Stay Informed

Constantly educate yourself about the latest scams. Follow reputable news sources and security blogs dedicated to Web3 and cryptocurrency. Awareness of scammers’ tactics can help you spot red flags.

The below are a great place to start in familiarizing yourself with some of the scammers methods:






Verify Everything

Always double-check addresses when sending and the legitimacy of projects you’re interacting with. If you’re using a dApp, double-check the website address and review community feedback on social channels, such as Discord or Twitter to ensure it’s not a phishing site or scam.

Safeguard Your Information

Treat your private keys and seed phrases as you would your banking details and identity documents. Use hardware wallets for extra security, and never store these details on internet-connected devices. Be cautious of phishing attempts that try to lure this information from you.

Use Reputable Platforms

Stick to platforms with a strong reputation and user base. Look for platforms that offer additional security features like multi-factor authentication and have a transparent process for reporting and addressing issues.

Enable Security Measures

In addition to two-factor authentication, consider only accessing your accounts on secure networks or utilising a VPN if you are using a public network. Regularly update your software and use strong, unique passwords for different accounts.

Too Good to Be True

Always remain sceptical of offers of airdrops or incentives that appear too good to be true. Check the project’s official social channels to ensure the validity of any campaigns and giveaways before connecting your wallet.

Keep In Touch

Navigating the Web3 world becomes a richer experience when joined by a community of like-minded enthusiasts. Stratis encourages individuals to become part of their thriving community by joining the Discord server. There, members find a supportive space offering insights, advice, and camaraderie to navigate Web3 safely and confidently. Whether seeking guidance on authenticating a dApp or eager to exchange knowledge, Stratis’s Discord community stands ready to welcome and assist!

Stratis Discord Server – Join Now!

Off-Chain Token Swap Process

As the initial on-chain Token Swap window has closed, you can now perform an off-chain Token Swap utilizing the Address Ownership Tool. The Address Ownership Tool obtains a list of addresses associated with your wallet and creates a unique signature. This signature is created using your wallet, providing unequivocal proof that you are the owner of the provided address. All relevant detail is saved to a CSV file you must upload using this page. STRAX Token addresses are then queried for their balance at the time of the snapshot, taken at 6 PM on the 20th of March 2023.

This blog will explain the steps needed to successfully generate a proof of your previous STRAX balance.

A high-level summary of the process can be found below.

  • Create new STRAX Token address
  • Run the Address Ownership Tool
  • Provide the Tool with Wallet Detail and new STRAX Address
  • Upload the produced CSV

Create an account for the new STRAX Token (Step 1)

You must obtain a compatible address to receive the new Stratis Token ($STRAX). There are a variety of wallets that the new STRAX Token supports; however, we strongly encourage using MetaMask for the Token Swap, as support for other Ethereum-based wallets cannot be guaranteed.

New to MetaMask?

If you’re new to MetaMask, you can follow the below steps to safely and securely.


Please pay special attention to the dos and don’ts of securing your MetaMask account.


  • Write down your Secret Recovery Phrase somewhere safe. We can’t tell you precisely where, as that depends on your circumstances.
  • The importance of handwriting your Secret Recovery Phrase is that it cannot be stolen online. If you store it in a file in an internet-linked cloud storage folder, for example, it could theoretically be stolen.
  • Double-check your spelling and that you wrote down every word in the same order they were given.


  • Keep it in an easily discovered or easily hacked location; e.g. in a cloud-saved document or email titled “Seed Phrase”; on a post-it note stuck to your computer.
  • Provide your seed phrase to anyone, even if they say they’re from MetaMask Support.
  • Change the order of the words.

Create a new MetaMask Account (Optional)

You can create a new account within your MetaMask to manage the new STRAX Token, or alternatively, you can use your existing account.

Steps to create a new account can be found below:


Alternative Wallets

In addition to MetaMask, the new network accommodates users who prefer alternative wallet solutions. The chosen wallet must support custom RPC servers to ensure compatibility with the new Stratis ecosystem. OneKey Wallet is an excellent example of such a wallet, offering the required functionality. This inclusivity ensures that everyone in the Stratis community can participate in the token swap, regardless of their preferred wallet.

Please perform your own research if you choose to use an alternative wallet.

Obtain Address Ownership Tool (Step 2)

The AddressOwnerShipTool must be used to prove ownership of funds; please download the relevant package to your device using the release page below:


Extract the contents of the ZIP Archive to a safe location on the device where your STRAX or Cirrus Wallet is located.

Generate Proof (Step 3)

The AddressOwnershipTool can be used to generate proofs for both STRAX Network and the Cirrus Network. When running the tool, you need to define which network you want to generate proofs for. Please follow the below steps to successfully generate a proof of your wallet.

1. Extract the AddressOwnershipTool

Open Command Prompt (Windows) or Terminal (MacOS/Linux) and navigate to the location where the AddressOwnershipTool was extracted; the simplest way to do this is to type “cd” and paste the AddressOwnershipTool folder into the window and hit ENTER.

cd C:\AddressOwnershipTool

2. Temporarily Disable GateKeeper (only required for MacOS)

Enter the below command into your terminal:

sudo spctl --master-disable

3. Make AddressOwnershipTool Executable (only required for MacOS/Linux)

Enter the below command into your terminal:

chmod +x ./AddressOwnershipTool

4. Run AddressOwnershipTool

You can now run the AddressOwnershipTool by running the following command:


STRAX Network
AddressOwnershipTool.exe claim --walletname=STRAXWalletName --walletpassword=walletPassword --destination=NewSTRAXAddress
Cirrus Network
AddressOwnershipTool.exe claim --CIRRUS --walletname=STRAXWalletName --walletpassword=walletPassword --destination=NewSTRAXAddress


STRAX Network
./AddressOwnershipTool claim --walletname=STRAXWalletName --walletpassword=walletPassword --destination=NewSTRAXAddress
Cirrus Network
AddressOwnershipTool.exe claim --CIRRUS --walletname=STRAXWalletName --walletpassword=walletPassword --destination=NewSTRAXAddress


Please replace all values with your genuine values relating to your STRAX Wallet; i.e. STRAXWalletName, walletPassword, NewSTRAXAddress

The AddressOwnershipTool will now load your wallet and return a line for each discovered address, the ending result will look like the below:


5. Enable Gatekeeper again (Only required for MacOS)

Enter the below command into your terminal:

sudo spctl --master-enable

Upload Generated Proof (Step 4)

A CSV file will be created in the directory where you launched the AddressOwnershipTool, named the same as your new STRAX address. It contains signatures, signed with your private key, for each of the addresses contained within your wallet.

Upload this CSV to the below STRAX Token Swap Process Form

STRAX Off-Chain Token Swap Form

Max. file size: 3 GB.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.





What if my wallet isn’t synced?

You will need to ensure that your wallet is synced so all addresses are accounted for, you can download a data directory using the relevant link below:

STRAX Data Directory for Windows & Linux

STRAX Data Directory for MacOS

Cirrus Data Directory for Windows & Linux

Cirrus Data Directory for MacOS

To utilize a data directory, once downloaded you must extract into the relevant folder; see the below default locations:


STRAX: %APPDATA%\StratisNode\strax\StraxMain
Cirrus: %APPDATA%\StratisNode\cirrus\CirrusMain


STRAX: ~/.stratisnode/strax/StraxMain

Cirrus: ~./stratisnode/cirrus/CirrusMain

What if I held my STRAX and/or Cirrus on the Mobile Wallet?

The off-chain token swap cannot be performed from the Mobile Wallet. To perform the Token Swap you will need to restore your wallet using the STRAX Wallet or Cirrus Core. These wallets can be downloaded from Wallets page.

I’ve uploaded my proof but I haven’t received any new tokens

The proofs distribtuion will occur daily Monday-Friday. In order to see your balance, you will also need to ensure you are connected to the new Stratis Blockchain network. If using MetaMask, you can simply add the network by visiting the below page:


For alternate wallets, you can utilize the network detail below:

Network Name: Stratis

RPC URL: https://rpc.stratisevm.com

Chain ID: 105105

Symbol: STRAX

Explorer: https://explorer.stratisevm.com


StratisEVM is LIVE

Stratis is ecstatic to unveil its new EVM-compatible Stratis Blockchain, marking a significant transition to an Ethereum-based platform. This launch is a monumental event, aimed at increasing growth and fostering innovation within their evolving ecosystem, marking a new era for Stratis users and developers alike.

Important Notices

Snapshot Blocks

The snapshots for both the STRAX Blockchain (Legacy) and Cirrus Blockchain have been taken. The heights of the snapshot(s) can be seen below:

STRAX: 2285943
Cirrus: 7700153

On-Chain Swaps

For those who opted to swap using the on-chain burn method, your tokens will be sent to your provided account. The initial distribution has already been performed, and your new STRAX tokens will be visible in your new EVM-based wallet.

For those who opted to wait for the off-chain proofing tool, a blog will be released outlining the steps to provide your cryptographic proof and perform the off-chain swap.

Network Detail

The new Stratis Blockchain network can be added to your MetaMask by visiting the following page: https://chainlist.org/chain/105105

If you prefer to add manually, please use the detail below:

Network Name: Stratis

RPC URL: https://rpc.stratisevm.com

Chain ID: 105105

Symbol: STRAX

Explorer: https://explorer.stratisevm.com

Exchange Information

As previously announced, Stratis has secured support from all major exchanges that offer pairings for the existing STRAX Token. Announcements from the respective exchanges can be found below:









Validators / Staking

Staking on the Stratis network is now available. Users are encouraged to visit the Stratis Launchpad to set up their validators, contributing to the network’s security through our Proof of Stake (POS) algorithm. This initiative helps secure the network and offers participants a chance to earn rewards. For details and to start setting up your validators, head over to Stratis Launchpad.

Masternode Registration

Masternode registrations are now open for the Stratis platform. Users interested in becoming a part of this network can register immediately, provided they meet the collateral requirement of 1,000,000 STRAX Tokens. Additionally, the Masternode registration can be done from any device that supports MetaMask, register and monitor your Masternode registration from your mobile device! For more information and to begin the registration process, visit Stratis Masternode Registration.


Wait.. There’s more!

Stratis Stablecoin Solutions Update

Next month, we are excited to introduce the beta version of our pioneering stablecoin protocol following the StratisEVM release. This will allow users to test and interact with the tGBPT token, providing valuable feedback and insights into the functionality and potential of our stablecoin system. This is a significant step towards enhancing our ecosystem with stable and reliable digital asset options.

Campaigns, Campaigns, Campaigns!

Stratis is incorporating the unique capabilities of innovative campaign platforms such as; Intract, Galxe and QuestN into their upcoming network campaigns. Utilizing the innovative learn-and-earn platforms, Stratis aims to enrich community engagement through educational and rewarding experiences. Structured quests and pathways provide ideal platforms for Stratis to introduce new features and initiatives, fostering a deeper understanding of the ecosystem among users. These strategic partnerships align with Stratis’s objectives to enhance user acquisition, improve community involvement, and deliver an educational journey within the evolving web3 landscape.

zkSync Integration

Stratis is gearing up to revolutionize its platform with the forthcoming integration of zkSync technology, focusing on enhancing scalability and efficiency via a cutting-edge Layer-2 solution. This update, expected soon, aims to significantly improve transaction speeds, lower operational costs, and fortify security measures. The emphasis on blockchain gaming will offer developers scalable, low-cost environments for their projects, driving forward innovation and user engagement in the ecosystem. More information on the zkSync integration can be found here: https://www.stratisplatform.com/2024/03/01/embracing-layer-2-innovation-with-zksync-technology/

Stratis Ventures

Stratis has launched Stratis Ventures, a new initiative that aims to support innovative startups in blockchain, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. This initiative will provide strategic insights, capital, mentorship, and long-term partnerships to foster growth and market leadership in emerging technologies. Stratis Ventures seeks to replicate the success stories within the blockchain ecosystem by providing resources and support to startups showing potential for significant impact and returns. More information can be found on the Stratis Ventures Announcement blog: https://www.stratisplatform.com/2024/02/28/introducing-stratis-ventures/

Stratis Ambassador Programme

Stratis recently announced a $1,000,000 dApp Incentive Programme to support the development and deployment of innovative decentralized applications on the platform. The programme targets DeFi projects and infrastructure tooling, encouraging growth and innovation in the blockchain space. Stratis, a long-standing player in blockchain technology, aims to foster a vibrant developer community with this initiative. Projects can be submitted without prior application, and they will be evaluated based on innovation, speed, execution quality, and value to the Stratis ecosystem. More information can be found on the Ambassador Programme Announcement blog: https://www.stratisplatform.com/2024/02/15/1000000-stratis-dapp-incentive-programme/



This is a significant moment for Stratis as they continue to innovate and expand their blockchain ecosystem. More exciting developments are on the horizon. Stratis invites everyone to stay engaged through their social media channels for the latest updates and to join in the ongoing journey of growth and innovation.

Launching the Stratis Ambassador Programme

The Stratis team is thrilled to announce the launch of the Stratis Ambassador Programme! This new initiative aims to reward the efforts of passionate and knowledgeable community members, to help spread awareness of Stratis, and the potential of blockchain technologies.

Criteria for Ambassadors

This programme seeks individuals who:

  • A great team worker, but also able to work independently.
  • Are active members of the Stratis Discord Community.
  • Demonstrable communication abilities.
  • Have an understanding and enthusiasm for blockchain technology.
  • Maintain a social media presence across multiple platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, etc.
  • Motivated to achieve results and fulfil specific programme objectives.

Responsibilities of Stratis Ambassadors

Ambassadors are expected to:

  • Collaboration – Partner with other ambassadors and influences within the blockchain space to enhance the visibility and impact of Stratis.
  • Content Creation – Produce professional and informative content, such as blog posts, videos, tutorials and infographics to educate the community beyond Stratis.
  • Event Participation – Represent Stratis at crypto-related events within your location, engaging with the wider blockchain community.
  • Promote Awareness – Publicize information highlighting the advantages and applications of Stratis projects to increase public engagement.
  • Support & Guidance – Offer support and direction to newcomers interested in exploring Stratis technologies.

 Rewards for Participation

In recognition of your commitment and contributions, Stratis ambassadors will enjoy:

  • A limited-edition merchandise pack from Stratis.
  • Early access to upcoming products and features.
  • Exclusive access to alpha releases of games.
  • Monthly compensation in the $STRAX Token.
  • Potential direct employment opportunities with Stratis.
  • Special recognition within the Stratis community.

Become part of the Movement!

Those with a passion for Stratis and blockchain technology who meet the above criteria are encouraged to apply to become an official Stratis Ambassador. This is an opportunity to contribute to the spread of blockchain understanding and be a part of Stratis’ journey to the forefront of the blockchain space.

Apply now using the form below and take a significant step in joining a community dedicated to the innovation and growth of blockchain technology!

Stratis Ambassador Submission Form

Embracing Layer-2 Innovation with zkSync Technology

Stratis is thrilled to announce a significant milestone in the evolution of the Stratis Platform. As Stratis transitions into a new era of scalability and efficiency, Stratis is excited to unveil the upcoming deployment of a Layer-2 solution that leverages the advanced zkSync technology. This strategic move demonstrates Stratis’s commitment to providing the most effective and innovative blockchain solutions to users of the Stratis Platform.

Why zkSync?

zkSync represents the forefront of Layer-2 Solutions, offering unprecedented scalability, security, and throughput. By integrating zkSync into the Stratis Layer-1 Blockchain, Stratis can enhance the transaction throughput while reducing costs significantly, all without compromising on security. This ensures that Stratis remains a competitive, cutting-edge platform for developers and users alike.

The Layer-2 solution, powered by zkSync technology, is specifically designed to address the throughput limitations of traditional blockchain systems. By moving transactions off the main chain and onto a second layer, Stratis will be able to process thousands of transactions per second, far surpassing the capabilities of Layer-1 alone. This high throughput is a game-changer for blockchain gaming, enabling:

  • Instant Transactions: Gamers can expect almost instant in-game transactions, making gameplay smoother and more enjoyable. Whether buying items, trading assets, or executing complex in-game actions, Stratis’s Layer-2 ensures your gaming experience remains uninterrupted.
  • Reduced Costs: High throughput means lower costs. With Stratis’s Layer-2, transaction fees are significantly reduced, making it more feasible for gamers to engage in microtransactions and for developers to implement more sophisticated and interactive game features.
  • Scalability for Game Developers: For developers, Stratis’s Layer-2 solution opens up new possibilities for game design and monetization. High throughput allows for creating more complex and dynamic gaming environments, supporting a larger number of players and in-game transactions without compromising performance.

By integrating the zkSync technology, Stratis is not just enhancing transaction efficiency; they are also empowering the gaming community. Gamers will benefit from a frictionless and cost-effective gaming experience, while developers can harness the power of blockchain to create innovative and immersive games.

The Power of Type 4

One of the most exciting aspects of Stratis’s zkSync implementation is the adoption of the Type 4 prover. This cutting-edge technology stands out for several reasons:

  • Enhanced Privacy and Security: Type 4 provers utilize zero-knowledge proofs, offering superior privacy by enabling transaction validation without revealing any sensitive information. This level of security is paramount in today’s digital age.
  • Increased Efficiency: Compared to other types, Type 4 provers are more efficient, enabling faster transaction processing and lower gas fees. This means users can enjoy a smoother and more cost-effective experience on the Stratis platform.
  • Scalability: The Type 4 prover significantly enhances scalability, a critical factor as the Stratis ecosystem continues to grow. This ensures that the platform is able to handle increasing demand without sacrificing performance.

zkSync Success Stories

The adoption of zkSync technology is backed by success stories and statistics that genuinely validate its effectiveness. A prime example is the well-known NFT project, Pudgy Penguins. By leveraging zkSync for their transactions, Pudgy Penguins was able to enhance their platform’s performance and user experience significantly.

Before utilizing zkSync, Pudgy Penguins faced challenges common to many blockchain-based projects, such as slow transaction times and high gas fees, which impacted user engagement and overall experience. However, after adopting zkSync, they experienced a remarkable transformation, resulting in a $400M success story.

Our decision to integrate zkSync, particularly focusing on the Type 4 prover, is informed by these successes, ensuring that Stratis remains at the forefront of blockchain innovation.

Looking Ahead

The deployment of a Layer-2 solution is just the beginning of Stratis’s journey towards continuous improvement and innovation of its platform, highlighting its mission of continuous development to remain at the forefront of the blockchain space.  In alignment with Stratis’s forward-thinking ethos, Stratis is focused on deepening its engagement with the zkSync ecosystem through a commitment to developing further tooling to advance its own platform and contribute to the broader zkSync ecosystem.

Moreover, the Stratis dApp Incentive Programme will place its focus towards projects that utilize zkSync technology. This strategic shift underscores Stratis’s intent to drive innovation and development within the zkSync landscape, offering substantial support to developers steering the future of decentralized applications. In parallel, Stratis Ventures, the platform’s dedicated arm for fostering the growth of standout startups, will prioritize projects employing zkSync technology. This initiative aims to harness the transformative potential of blockchain, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, mirroring the success stories within the blockchain ecosystem, such as the notable growth of decentralized trading protocols.

Stratis will also leverage existing tooling, such as the zkSync bridge, to ensure a seamless user experience for cross-chain transactions between the Stratis Layer-1 and Layer-2 platforms. This integration is designed to facilitate a more interconnected and user-friendly blockchain environment, enhancing the overall utility and accessibility of the Stratis platform.

Finally, the Layer-2 will serve as the foundation for Stratis’s regulated stablecoin project, GBPT, as issuing a regulatory-compliant stablecoin, pegged to the Great British Pound, remains one of Stratis’s core focuses.

Through these initiatives, Stratis is not just looking ahead but is actively shaping the future of blockchain technology. By embracing zkSync’s Layer-2 solutions, focusing on impactful projects, and enhancing cross-chain functionality, Stratis is demonstrating its commitment to delivering a robust, secure, efficient, and innovative blockchain ecosystem.

Keep in Touch!

The community is encouraged to stay engaged for more updates as Stratis continues to grow and explore new capabilities for their platform.

For the latest updates, be sure to follow Stratis on Twitter and join the Stratis Discord Server.

Introducing Stratis Ventures

Today, we are thrilled to unveil Stratis Ventures, Stratis’s dedicated arm aimed at fostering the growth and advancement of stand-out startups. The ethos at Stratis is defined by a commitment to innovation, driving them to explore and engage with start-ups focused on cutting-edge technologies. Stratis Ventures represents Stratis’s venture into supporting and elevating startups specializing in Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.

As Stratis Ventures launches, Stratis takes inspiration from the success stories within the blockchain ecosystem. For example. The journey of Uniswap, a decentralized trading protocol that started as an idea. With modest beginnings and limited initial funding, Uniswap dramatically transformed the landscape of decentralized finance, facilitating seamless token swaps and providing an open and accessible platform for liquidity providers and traders to utilize. The growth of Uniswap from a small project to one of the leading DeFi protocols within the Ethereum ecosystem highlights the potential that can be unlocked with innovative thought and strategic support.

Why Partner with Stratis Ventures?

  1. Strategic Insights: Companies can tap into the wealth of knowledge and insight from Stratis’s experienced team to navigate the complexities of the market and drive their startups forward.
  2. Capital Access: With Stratis Ventures, partners gain access to a strategic pool of resources and funding opportunities designed to maximize their venture’s growth and expansion
  3. Mentorship and Support: Startups receive personalized guidance and robust support from Stratis’s network of industry professionals, aiding in overcoming obstacles and achieving strategic objectives.
  4. Long-Term Partnerships: Stratis’s commitment extends beyond financial investment; Stratis aims to build lasting relationships with its portfolio companies, supporting them from inception through to market leadership and beyond.

Stratis Ventures Strategic Approach

A dedicated Stratis Venture’s representative will:

  1. Network: Leverage Stratis’s extensive network, including investors, industry specialists, and innovators, to identify and engage with promising startups.
  2. Conference and Events: Actively participate in industry gatherings, startup expos, and demo days to connect with emerging talents and entrepreneurial minds.
  3. Incubators and Accelerators: Utilize strong ties with leading incubators and accelerators to discover startups poised for significant growth.
  4. Referrals: Encourage introductions through their trusted network, ensuring they connect with startups that align with their strategic goals and values.

By combining these approaches, Stratis Ventures aims to identify and invest in early-stage startups that align with their investment philosophy and demonstrate the potential for substantial returns.

Are you interested?

Join us in shaping the future of technology. Submit your details below to discover how we can support your growth. Let’s start this innovative journey together.

Stratis Ventures Submission Form


Announcing the $1,000,000 Stratis dApp Incentive Programme

The blockchain ecosystem is evolving, offering new opportunities for innovation across various sectors. Stratis is committed to accelerating this growth by supporting developers and protocols that are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Stratis is excited to announce the Stratis dApp Incentive Program, offering a $1,000,000 USD initiative designed to empower developers and teams to create and deploy transformative decentralized applications.

Categories and Examples

The dApp Incentive Programme is structured around two key categories, both highlighting areas of growth and innovation within the blockchain space. Here are categories and examples of projects that Stratis is seeking to support:

1.     DeFi (Decentralized Finance)

Examples: Automated market makers (AMMs), lending platforms, yield farming protocols, liquid staking, and stablecoin projects. Inspired by success stories like MakerDAO, AAVE, and Compound on Ethereum, Stratis is looking for projects that can revolutionize finance with decentralization.

2.     Infrastructure and Tools

Examples: Developer tooling, infrastructure projects, and scalability solutions that make blockchain more accessible and efficient. This includes Layer 2 solutions, wallets, and API services designed to enhance the Stratis EVM ecosystem.

Why build on Stratis?

Founded in 2016, Stratis has established itself as a pioneer in the blockchain space, developing a bespoke Microsoft-focused blockchain platform from the ground up, taking an industry-first approach to Smart Contract execution. At its peak, Stratis achieved a $2B market cap with over ~$800M TVL through their Proof-of-Stake algorithm.

In a strategic move, Stratis is now transitioning to an Ethereum-based ecosystem. This shift is not just a technological change but a pivotal change, aligning Stratis with the evolving demands of the blockchain space. By integrating with Ethereum’s mature and dynamic ecosystem, Stratis is set to expand its capabilities in interoperability, scalability, and ease of integration.

At the heart of Stratis is a commitment to the developer community. As a result of being present in the blockchain space since 2016, Stratis understands that the success of a platform is linked to the success of the developers who build upon it. That’s why they offer comprehensive support and a friendly community ready to assist. Whether you’re an experienced blockchain developer or new to the space, Stratis is designed to make your development process as smooth and efficient as possible.

In the constantly evolving realm of blockchain technology, Stratis has pledged to stay at the cutting edge of innovation. Motivated by their strategic move to implement an EVM-based blockchain, Stratis aligns itself with the broader Ethereum community’s ongoing development and innovation. Additionally, Stratis concentrates on pioneering internal solutions, such as their turnkey stablecoin offering.

Joining Stratis means becoming part of a vibrant ecosystem passionate about blockchain’s potential to drive real-world change.

Getting Started

You do not need to apply to get started! Simply begin developing your solution and submit it via the application form. All projects that apply will be evaluated by the team at Stratis for prize eligibility. The evaluation will primarily be based on the following:

  • Speed: How fast the project was developed overall.
  • Quality of execution: The quality of the completed work.
  • Innovation: How innovative the project is.
  • Value: The value the project brings to Stratis

The Stratis dApp Incentive Programme is your gateway to contributing to the blockchain revolution. With $1,000,000 USD in funding and a vibrant community, Stratis is here to help turn your visionary projects into reality. Join the Stratis community in building the future of decentralized applications and take advantage of this unique opportunity to make an impact.

Be Involved!

Connect with like-minded individuals, get your questions answered by our team, and stay updated on the latest developments and opportunities. Our Discord community is a vibrant space for collaboration, learning, and sharing insights about the future of blockchain technology.

Join our Discord server today and take your first step towards building the future with Stratis!

500,000 STRAX Airdrop: Masternode dApp Quick Start Guide

The STRAX token is more than just a cryptocurrency; it’s the fuel for the Stratis Platform. In celebration of the Stratis Auroria Testnet launch, Stratis is offering two campaigns offering participants a share of a 1,000,000 STRAX prize pool.

This blog will focus on what you need to do to be eligible for the Stratis Auroria Masternode dApp Campaign. The Stratis Auroria Masternode dApp Campaign rewards those who interact with the Stratis Masternode dApp on the Auroria Network. Here’s what you can take away from the participating in the campaign:

Empowered Through Education

Learn more about Masternodes, blockchain technology, and how you can play a part in decentralization. Although this is taking place on the Auroria Testnet, the same steps can be followed once StratisEVM launches on the 21st of March, 2024!

Engage with the Community

The Stratis community is a vibrant ecosystem of blockchain enthusiasts, developers, and innovators. Engaging with the Stratis community through social media(s) and the official Discord Server can enhance your experience and provide valuable insight into what’s to come for Stratis and its journey with StratisEVM.

Your Airdrop Checklist

Becoming eligible for the airdrop is easy; just follow the below steps:

  1. Visit https://galxe.com/StratisEVM/campaign/GC3mAtwFBY 
  2. Install the MetaMask Extension in your browser.
  3. Navigate to https://auroria.faucet.stratisevm.com
  4. Click Switch Network in the top-right corner – This will add the Stratis Auroria Testnet network to your MetaMask.
  5. Click the Request button to receive 25,001 tSTRAX Tokens.
  6. Head over to https://auroria.masternode.stratisevm.com
  7. Connect your MetaMask wallet by clicking Connect Wallet in the top-right corner
  8. Click Register and confirm the transaction in MetaMask.

By completing the above steps, you will be eligible for the airdrop that is scheduled to take place in May 2024 on the StratisEVM Mainnet. Please note, after registration, do not start the withdrawal process, if you withdraw during the campaign period you may not be eligible.

Security First

Remember, the crypto world can be tricky. Even though these actions are on a test network, you should never share your private keys and only follow instructions from official Stratis sources.

Stay Connected

For the latest updates, follow Stratis on Twitter and join the Stratis Discord Server.


500,000 STRAX Airdrop: Staking Guide

The STRAX token is more than just a cryptocurrency; it’s the fuel for the Stratis Platform. In celebration of the Stratis Auroria Testnet launch, Stratis is offering two campaigns offering participants a share of a 1,000,000 STRAX (StratisEVM) prize pool.

This blog will focus on what you need to do to be eligible for the Stratis Auroria Staking Campaign. The Stratis Auroria Staking Campaign is more than just a reward program, it’s designed to expand our community and familiarize users with our platform. Here’s what you can take away from participating in the campaign:

Understand the Testnet

The Auroria Testnet represents a sandbox environment where developers and users can experiment with Stratis blockchain features without risking real assets.

Set Up for Staking

To participate in the staking campaign, you’ll need to send STRAX to the Staking Deposit Contract and operate an execution node, a consensus node and a validator.

Active Participation

Staking isn’t just about holding tokens; it’s about actively participating in the network. Ensure your staking setup is online and operational to support the testnet, maximizing your chances to earn rewards.

Engage with the Community

The Stratis community is a vibrant ecosystem of blockchain enthusiasts, developers, and innovators. Engaging with the Stratis community through social media(s) and the official Discord Server can enhance your experience and provide valuable insight into what’s to come for Stratis and its journey with StratisEVM.

Your Airdrop Checklist

Becoming eligible for the airdrop is easy; just follow the below steps:


  1. Visit https://galxe.com/StratisEVM/campaign/GCXa2tw9tC 
  2. Install the MetaMask Extension in your browser.
  3. Navigate to https://auroria.faucet.stratisevm.com
  4. Click Switch Network in the top-right corner – This will add the Stratis Auroria Testnet network to your MetaMask.
  5. Click the Request button to receive 25,001 tSTRAX Tokens.
  6. Head over to https://auroria.launchpad.stratisevm.com
  7. Progress through the steps to set up a validator and stake on the Stratis Auroria Testnet.
  8. Keep your Validator active for a minimum of 1 week to be eligible for the airdrop.

By completing the above steps, you will be eligible for the airdrop that is scheduled to take place in May 2024 on the StratisEVM Mainnet.

Security First

Remember, the crypto world can be tricky. Even though these actions are on a test network, you should never share your private keys and only follow instructions from official Stratis sources.

Stay Connected

For the latest updates, follow Stratis on Twitter and join the Stratis Discord Server.

Stratis Auroria Testnet Launch & 1,000,000 $STRAX Airdrop Campaign

As Stratis continues to make strides in the blockchain realm, it now enters a new era with the launch of the Stratis Auroria Testnet. This significant milestone not only showcases Stratis’s commitment to establishing itself within the Ethereum ecosystem but also sets the stage for an expansive campaign designed to grow and reward members of the Stratis community.

With a substantial prize pool of 1,000,000 STRAX Tokens (StratisEVM) to be claimed, the launch of the Stratis Auroria Testnet is not just an ordinary launch but a celebration of Stratis embarking on its journey into StratisEVM.


Participate with Galxe.com

To celebrate this occasion, Stratis has leveraged the Galxe platform to create a campaign consisting of seven tasks to explore Stratis and get involved with the ecosystem. From interacting with the Masternode dApp, utilizing the Stratis Auroria Faucet, engaging with Stratis’ social media and joining the rapidly growing Discord Server, each quest offers an insight into the innovation and community spirit that drives Stratis.


Stratis Auroria Masternode dApp


Stratis Auroria Explorer


Stratis Auroria Staking Launchpad



This campaign is an open invitation for both seasoned blockchain experts and those new to the space to connect, engage and grow with Stratis.


Airdrops, Airdrops, Airdrops

In conjunction with the prize pool available to participants of the Galxe campaign, all participants who successfully complete the seven tasks will be eligible for a 500,000 STRAX airdrop on StratisEVM in May 2024.

No additional tasks are required to become eligible for the airdrop; simply complete all of the quests on the Galxe campaign and await the airdrop of new STRAX Tokens to your address in May 2024!

As part of this campaign, Stratis is also offering an opportunity to earn rewards through staking on the Stratis Auroria Testnet. Participants who stake for a minimum of one week will be eligible to a share of an additional pool of 500,000 STRAX tokens. This initiative is designed to further familiarize users how they can secure and optimize the mainnet at launch, highlighting the critical role community participation plays in the success and stability of the Stratis ecosystem. Similarily to the Galxe campaign, the airdrop to eligible participants will take place in May 2024 on the StratisEVM mainnet!


How do I take part?

Joining the celebration and seizing the opportunity to earn rewards is straightforward:

  1. Visit the Galxe Campaign: You can find the Stratis Auroria Testnet Launch Campaign here: https://galxe.com/StratisEVM/campaign/GCeZrtw6JN
  2. Engage with the Quests: From social media interactions, on-chain actions and Discord engagement, immerse yourself in the Stratis ecosystem.
  3. Earn rewards: Complete all quests to maximize your reward potential.


Why Engage with Stratis and the Auroria Testnet?

The Auroria Testnet represents Stratis’s vision for a scalable, secure, and innovative blockchain future. By joining the campaign and the Stratis community, you’re not just earning rewards; you’re becoming part of the movement that’s shaping the future of Stratis. The Stratis community is the foundation of its success, driving innovation and unlocking endless possibilities.


Connect, Engage and Achieve with Stratis

Stratis looks forward to welcoming you into its community, ready to explore the potential within the Stratis ecosystem together. Follow Stratis on social media, join the Discord server, and stay updated with the latest on the Auroria Testnet and beyond.


Upcoming Ambassador Program

As we advance with the launch of the Auroria Testnet and the success of our Galxe campaign, Stratis is excited to announce that we will be launching an Ambassador Program in the coming weeks. This new initiative will offer passionate community members the opportunity to become key contributors to the Stratis ecosystem, helping to drive awareness, engagement, and adoption. Stay tuned for more details on how you can join this program and play a crucial role in shaping the future of Stratis alongside us.

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