Solplex Scaled

Stratis is ecstatic to share significant updates about the game, which was previously known as Project Atlantis. Today marks the unveiling of its official name—Solplex—and the debut of the alpha gameplay! Stratis has elevated city builder games by incorporating an economic dimension with an in-game currency token that’s implemented on the new Stratis EVM-based blockchain platform. This in-game currency can be earned, traded, and exchanged for real money, adding real-world value to the time spent playing. Moreover, Solplex integrates Stratis Blockchain Technologies and leverages Artificial Intelligence to enhance interactions with Non-Player Characters in newly discovered cities.

The use of large language models (LLMs) enables the real-time creation of unique in-game assets, including terrain, characters, and items. Furthermore, Solplex also employs generative models to produce atmospheric music that adapts to the game’s environment, offering players a truly distinctive experience as they explore the Solpex universe. When effectively utilized, the combination of gaming, blockchain, and AI presents innovative opportunities for players to own unique in-game items and engage with new token economies that retain value beyond the game itself.

Introducing Solplex: A New Era of Strategic Economic Simulation

Solpex is not just a game, it’s a fusion of AI and blockchain, delivering a universe where strategy meets city-building within a continuously evolving sci-fi world. Players begin with a single modest colony and have the monumental task of expanding into a vast empire. Here’s what you can look forward to:

Dynamic Gameplay

Engage in constructing buildings, harvesting resources, and developing units. Choose your path by either defending or attacking other players’ colonies.

Complex Alliances and Trading

Beyond warfare, form strategic alliances and trade with fellow players and the mysterious “Ancients”—an NPC faction capable of producing unique in-game items and artifacts.

Economic Layers

Utilize a custom game token for transactions, which can also be traded on secondary markets (DEXes) against various cryptocurrencies, including STRAX.

Alpha Gameplay Reveal

Our alpha gameplay footage provides a first look at Solplex’s intricate world, where every decision impacts your empire’s fate. Witness the depth of economic simulation and strategic warfare, making Solplex a groundbreaking entry in the strategy and city-building gaming space.

Beta Launch Announcement

We are thrilled to announce that Solplex will enter beta testing in September 2024. This phase will allow the first 500 to 1,000 players to gain exclusive early access, offering a pivotal opportunity to influence the final touches of the game and, importantly, be the first to earn the in-game token!

How to Participate in the Beta

Be among the first to explore Solplex by keeping a close eye on Solplex’s social channels found below:



The Journey Ahead

The development of Solplex is a bold step into the future of gaming. It combines advanced AI, blockchain technology, and immersive strategy gameplay into a year-long competitive experience. At the end of each game cycle, the victorious alliance will earn substantial rewards, making Solplex a truly lucrative venture.

Stratis thanks its community for its continued enthusiasm and support and looks forward to embarking on this thrilling adventure that is Solplex. Be sure to stay tuned in the Stratis Discord server to be the first to know of any new developments within the Stratis ecosystem!


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