Off Chain Token Swap

As the initial on-chain Token Swap window has closed, you can now perform an off-chain Token Swap utilizing the Address Ownership Tool. The Address Ownership Tool obtains a list of addresses associated with your wallet and creates a unique signature. This signature is created using your wallet, providing unequivocal proof that you are the owner of the provided address. All relevant detail is saved to a CSV file you must upload using this page. STRAX Token addresses are then queried for their balance at the time of the snapshot, taken at 6 PM on the 20th of March 2023.

This blog will explain the steps needed to successfully generate a proof of your previous STRAX balance.

A high-level summary of the process can be found below.

  • Create new STRAX Token address
  • Run the Address Ownership Tool
  • Provide the Tool with Wallet Detail and new STRAX Address
  • Upload the produced CSV

Create an account for the new STRAX Token (Step 1)

You must obtain a compatible address to receive the new Stratis Token ($STRAX). There are a variety of wallets that the new STRAX Token supports; however, we strongly encourage using MetaMask for the Token Swap, as support for other Ethereum-based wallets cannot be guaranteed.

New to MetaMask?

If you’re new to MetaMask, you can follow the below steps to safely and securely.

Please pay special attention to the dos and don’ts of securing your MetaMask account.


  • Write down your Secret Recovery Phrase somewhere safe. We can’t tell you precisely where, as that depends on your circumstances.
  • The importance of handwriting your Secret Recovery Phrase is that it cannot be stolen online. If you store it in a file in an internet-linked cloud storage folder, for example, it could theoretically be stolen.
  • Double-check your spelling and that you wrote down every word in the same order they were given.


  • Keep it in an easily discovered or easily hacked location; e.g. in a cloud-saved document or email titled “Seed Phrase”; on a post-it note stuck to your computer.
  • Provide your seed phrase to anyone, even if they say they’re from MetaMask Support.
  • Change the order of the words.

Create a new MetaMask Account (Optional)

You can create a new account within your MetaMask to manage the new STRAX Token, or alternatively, you can use your existing account.

Steps to create a new account can be found below:’Add%20account%20or%20hardware,hit%20’Create’%20to%20confirm

Alternative Wallets

In addition to MetaMask, the new network accommodates users who prefer alternative wallet solutions. The chosen wallet must support custom RPC servers to ensure compatibility with the new Stratis ecosystem. OneKey Wallet is an excellent example of such a wallet, offering the required functionality. This inclusivity ensures that everyone in the Stratis community can participate in the token swap, regardless of their preferred wallet.

Please perform your own research if you choose to use an alternative wallet.

Obtain Address Ownership Tool (Step 2)

The AddressOwnerShipTool must be used to prove ownership of funds; please download the relevant package to your device using the release page below:

Extract the contents of the ZIP Archive to a safe location on the device where your STRAX or Cirrus Wallet is located.

Generate Proof (Step 3)

The AddressOwnershipTool can be used to generate proofs for both STRAX Network and the Cirrus Network. When running the tool, you need to define which network you want to generate proofs for. Please follow the below steps to successfully generate a proof of your wallet.

1. Extract the AddressOwnershipTool

Open Command Prompt (Windows) or Terminal (MacOS/Linux) and navigate to the location where the AddressOwnershipTool was extracted; the simplest way to do this is to type “cd” and paste the AddressOwnershipTool folder into the window and hit ENTER.

cd C:\AddressOwnershipTool

2. Temporarily Disable GateKeeper (only required for MacOS)

Enter the below command into your terminal:

sudo spctl --master-disable

3. Make AddressOwnershipTool Executable (only required for MacOS/Linux)

Enter the below command into your terminal:

chmod +x ./AddressOwnershipTool

4. Run AddressOwnershipTool

You can now run the AddressOwnershipTool by running the following command:


STRAX Network
AddressOwnershipTool.exe claim --walletname=STRAXWalletName --walletpassword=walletPassword --destination=NewSTRAXAddress
Cirrus Network
AddressOwnershipTool.exe claim --CIRRUS --walletname=STRAXWalletName --walletpassword=walletPassword --destination=NewSTRAXAddress


STRAX Network
./AddressOwnershipTool claim --walletname=STRAXWalletName --walletpassword=walletPassword --destination=NewSTRAXAddress
Cirrus Network
AddressOwnershipTool.exe claim --CIRRUS --walletname=STRAXWalletName --walletpassword=walletPassword --destination=NewSTRAXAddress


Please replace all values with your genuine values relating to your STRAX Wallet; i.e. STRAXWalletName, walletPassword, NewSTRAXAddress

The AddressOwnershipTool will now load your wallet and return a line for each discovered address, the ending result will look like the below:

AddressOwnershipTool Capture


5. Enable Gatekeeper again (Only required for MacOS)

Enter the below command into your terminal:

sudo spctl --master-enable

Upload Generated Proof (Step 4)

A CSV file will be created in the directory where you launched the AddressOwnershipTool, named the same as your new STRAX address. It contains signatures, signed with your private key, for each of the addresses contained within your wallet.

Upload this CSV to the below STRAX Token Swap Process Form

STRAX Off-Chain Token Swap Form

Max. file size: 3 GB.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.





What if my wallet isn’t synced?

You will need to ensure that your wallet is synced so all addresses are accounted for, you can download a data directory using the relevant link below:

STRAX Data Directory for Windows & Linux

STRAX Data Directory for MacOS

Cirrus Data Directory for Windows & Linux

Cirrus Data Directory for MacOS

To utilize a data directory, once downloaded you must extract into the relevant folder; see the below default locations:


STRAX: %APPDATA%\StratisNode\strax\StraxMain
Cirrus: %APPDATA%\StratisNode\cirrus\CirrusMain


STRAX: ~/.stratisnode/strax/StraxMain

Cirrus: ~./stratisnode/cirrus/CirrusMain

What if I held my STRAX and/or Cirrus on the Mobile Wallet?

The off-chain token swap cannot be performed from the Mobile Wallet. To perform the Token Swap you will need to restore your wallet using the STRAX Wallet or Cirrus Core. These wallets can be downloaded from Wallets page.

I’ve uploaded my proof but I haven’t received any new tokens

The proofs distribtuion will occur daily Monday-Friday. In order to see your balance, you will also need to ensure you are connected to the new Stratis Blockchain network. If using MetaMask, you can simply add the network by visiting the below page:

For alternate wallets, you can utilize the network detail below:

Network Name: Stratis


Chain ID: 105105

Symbol: STRAX



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