Stratis Evm Live

Stratis is ecstatic to unveil its new EVM-compatible Stratis Blockchain, marking a significant transition to an Ethereum-based platform. This launch is a monumental event, aimed at increasing growth and fostering innovation within their evolving ecosystem, marking a new era for Stratis users and developers alike.

Important Notices

Snapshot Blocks

The snapshots for both the STRAX Blockchain (Legacy) and Cirrus Blockchain have been taken. The heights of the snapshot(s) can be seen below:

STRAX: 2285943
Cirrus: 7700153

On-Chain Swaps

For those who opted to swap using the on-chain burn method, your tokens will be sent to your provided account. The initial distribution has already been performed, and your new STRAX tokens will be visible in your new EVM-based wallet.

For those who opted to wait for the off-chain proofing tool, a blog will be released outlining the steps to provide your cryptographic proof and perform the off-chain swap.

Network Detail

The new Stratis Blockchain network can be added to your MetaMask by visiting the following page:

If you prefer to add manually, please use the detail below:

Network Name: Stratis


Chain ID: 105105

Symbol: STRAX


Exchange Information

As previously announced, Stratis has secured support from all major exchanges that offer pairings for the existing STRAX Token. Announcements from the respective exchanges can be found below:









Validators / Staking

Staking on the Stratis network is now available. Users are encouraged to visit the Stratis Launchpad to set up their validators, contributing to the network’s security through our Proof of Stake (POS) algorithm. This initiative helps secure the network and offers participants a chance to earn rewards. For details and to start setting up your validators, head over to Stratis Launchpad.

Masternode Registration

Masternode registrations are now open for the Stratis platform. Users interested in becoming a part of this network can register immediately, provided they meet the collateral requirement of 1,000,000 STRAX Tokens. Additionally, the Masternode registration can be done from any device that supports MetaMask, register and monitor your Masternode registration from your mobile device! For more information and to begin the registration process, visit Stratis Masternode Registration.


Wait.. There’s more!

Stratis Stablecoin Solutions Update

Next month, we are excited to introduce the beta version of our pioneering stablecoin protocol following the StratisEVM release. This will allow users to test and interact with the tGBPT token, providing valuable feedback and insights into the functionality and potential of our stablecoin system. This is a significant step towards enhancing our ecosystem with stable and reliable digital asset options.

Campaigns, Campaigns, Campaigns!

Stratis is incorporating the unique capabilities of innovative campaign platforms such as; Intract, Galxe and QuestN into their upcoming network campaigns. Utilizing the innovative learn-and-earn platforms, Stratis aims to enrich community engagement through educational and rewarding experiences. Structured quests and pathways provide ideal platforms for Stratis to introduce new features and initiatives, fostering a deeper understanding of the ecosystem among users. These strategic partnerships align with Stratis’s objectives to enhance user acquisition, improve community involvement, and deliver an educational journey within the evolving web3 landscape.

zkSync Integration

Stratis is gearing up to revolutionize its platform with the forthcoming integration of zkSync technology, focusing on enhancing scalability and efficiency via a cutting-edge Layer-2 solution. This update, expected soon, aims to significantly improve transaction speeds, lower operational costs, and fortify security measures. The emphasis on blockchain gaming will offer developers scalable, low-cost environments for their projects, driving forward innovation and user engagement in the ecosystem. More information on the zkSync integration can be found here:

Stratis Ventures

Stratis has launched Stratis Ventures, a new initiative that aims to support innovative startups in blockchain, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. This initiative will provide strategic insights, capital, mentorship, and long-term partnerships to foster growth and market leadership in emerging technologies. Stratis Ventures seeks to replicate the success stories within the blockchain ecosystem by providing resources and support to startups showing potential for significant impact and returns. More information can be found on the Stratis Ventures Announcement blog:

Stratis Ambassador Programme

Stratis recently announced a $1,000,000 dApp Incentive Programme to support the development and deployment of innovative decentralized applications on the platform. The programme targets DeFi projects and infrastructure tooling, encouraging growth and innovation in the blockchain space. Stratis, a long-standing player in blockchain technology, aims to foster a vibrant developer community with this initiative. Projects can be submitted without prior application, and they will be evaluated based on innovation, speed, execution quality, and value to the Stratis ecosystem. More information can be found on the Ambassador Programme Announcement blog:



This is a significant moment for Stratis as they continue to innovate and expand their blockchain ecosystem. More exciting developments are on the horizon. Stratis invites everyone to stay engaged through their social media channels for the latest updates and to join in the ongoing journey of growth and innovation.

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