Introducing Atlantis

Six months ago, Stratis assembled a gaming division comprised of an elite team of gaming developers with one distinct goal: to develop a game that synergizes AI with Stratis Blockchain Technologies. Today, Stratis is thrilled to unveil their latest development, Project Atlantis.

Stratis set out to take city builder games a step further and has done so by introducing an economic aspect of an in-game currency token deployed on the Cirrus Blockchain. This game currency can be earnt, traded and swapped with real money, giving your hours spent in the game a real-world value. In addition to integrating Stratis Blockchain Technologies, Project Atlantis will utilize Artificial Intelligence to provide extraordinary conversational experiences with Non-Player-Characters in newly discovered cities. The utilization of LLMs will also offer real-time artefact generation, creating unique in-game assets, such as terrain, characters, items, and more. It doesn’t end there. Project Atlantis will also lean on generative models to provide atmospheric music based on the surrounding environment, creating a genuinely unique experience for players as they navigate the world of Project Atlantis. When applied correctly, gaming is a great use case for blockchain and AI, enabling new and innovative ways for users to genuinely own unique in-game items and explore new token economics that holds value outside the gaming realm.

Set in a futuristic landscape, Project Atlantis is a city-building game where every player exists on a single server, and the gameplay unfolds regardless of your online status. Your journey begins in colonies – once bustling hubs now desolate, dotted with tiny structures. Each colony operates independently, owning its resources, buildings, armies, and traders. As the game progresses, these colonies expand, more building slots are unlocked, and players are guided towards collaboration, trades, and combat for supremacy. You will lead your armies through epic battles for resources and destruction, manage resource nodes, create trade mechanisms, and engage in espionage to stay ahead of the competition. Moreover, you can join alliances and trading guilds for political interactions or maintain relations with resource-rich regions to be conquered, traded with, or negotiated upon.

Screenshots of the actual game can be found below:


For those who relish intricate resource management, city building, and strategy games or crave an immersive world where earning and gaming coexist, Project Atlantis is your ultimate destination. It promises intense gameplay, multi-layered strategic elements, and, most significantly, the integration of Stratis Blockchain Technologies and Artificial Intelligence. We look forward to welcoming you into Project Atlantis and venturing beyond the traditional gaming experience into the unexplored frontier of future gaming.

More details will be released in the coming months, including exclusive beta access for members of the Stratis Community. Stay tuned in our Discord server to be the first to know:

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