May 2022

Welcome to another monthly update here at Stratis! Today we’ll discuss several new updates that range from eagerly-awaited gaming news to the expansion of Stratis overseas with an exciting new partnership with the Tooro Kingdom in Uganda.

It is excellent to see the variety of use cases that Stratis blockchain technologies can apply, and we look forward to seeing these updates develop further in the coming months.

Stratis Africa

This week, Stratis announced its partnership with the Foundation of King Oyo, a charity led by the monarch of the Tooro Kingdom in the South West of Uganda. With this long-term partnership, the global expansion of Stratis has begun with the launch of Stratis Africa.

King Oyo (Rukirabasaija Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV) is the world’s youngest reigning monarch. The king was crowned at 3 and a half, and his reign thus far has been marked by a keen interest in technology and a dedication to developing the digital offerings of this kingdom of approximately one million.

As such, this partnership will see Stratis fund the creation of a blockchain innovation centre based in the Tooro Kingdom that will develop the local community’s blockchain-based skills and learning.

In addition to this, Stratis and the Tooro Kingdom will develop blockchain use cases that will positively benefit the kingdom’s population, such as the introduction of blockchain technologies that can be used to manage the Tooro Kingdom’s abundant agricultural resources.

We look forward to watching this collaboration grow and thrive as Stratis continues to expand its ecosystem across Africa.

Opdex Liquidity Mining & Token Swap

New tutorials have launched on YouTube for how to take full advantage of features available on the Opdex platform, such as liquidity providing and mining, staking, and token swaps.

Opdex itself is a series of DeFi and governance smart contracts that enable users to trade, swap, earn, and govern assets through the use of Stratis and Cirrus blockchains.

With low gas fees and rigorous testing processes to ensure platform security, Opdex allows users to enjoy its abundance of features in a non-custodial, gas-efficient, and trustless manner.

You can find out more about Opdex here:

Trivia Legends

Trivia Legends – a competitive knowledge-based game that allows players to win different avatars in the form of blockchain NFTs – was officially launched on the Stratis Blockchain TestNet this month and is currently undergoing review from a team of dedicated alpha testers.

Trivia Legends has also announced their plans to create a collection of high-tier characters from the game, which will be made available to anyone exclusively via Stratisphere NFT marketplace. More news on this will be coming soon!

Be sure to follow @TriviaLegends on Twitter for the latest updates, news, and giveaways!

Dawn of Ships

Speaking of exciting gaming updates in April, this past month also saw two new features be added to the game of pirates and sea adventures that is Dawn of Ships.

We took a deep dive into these new features over in our most recent SDA Update but, to summarise, these new mechanics – ‘Plunder’ and ‘Ambush’ – add a fun competitive edge to the game.

Each Plundering mission takes 4 hours to complete, and players can Plunder other ships three times, with Club Pass holders able to increase the number of Plunderings they choose to do. Plundering wins players GOLD and OVIA tokens for each mission, but it requires a delicate balance of wins and losses, as each plundering will cost a player one reduced durability point. Players can also win Yield Bonuses and Speed Bonuses, the latter of which reduces the time of a Plundering mission by 30 minutes.

The ‘Ambush’ feature enables players to steal resources from other players on Plundering missions. An Ambush takes between 1 to 2.5 hours, depending on whether the opposing player sends back-up. Players can win additional $OVIA and GOLD for a successful Ambush, although, similarly to Plundering, an Ambush also costs a durability point.

Plundering players can reduce the time that opposing players can spend on an Ambush mission if they have a Speed Bonus. To aid them in their strategies, both players can send up to 2 additional $SHIP and $CREW as reinforcements.

Do join The Astroverse Club Discord Channel for all the latest updates on Dawn of Ships.


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