It’s been an incredibly busy few months for the SDA, with development progress from several existing SDA projects as well as notable proposals receiving a majority pass vote to receive funding through the decentralized accelerator. This blog re-caps the projects currently developing on Stratis thanks to support from Stratis’ community and the SDA to date.


New Web 3.0 infrastructure built on Stratis

Blockcore: CoinVault

Blockchain development company Blockcore passed the SDA vote in October with a proposal to build a user-friendly, non-custodial, browser-based wallet for Stratis users called CoinVault.

The non-custodial Web 3.0 wallet will play a role comparable to MetaMask within the Ethereum ecosystem. Currently, the team is working on the ‘Indexer’ an API that will enable the wallet to pull data from both the Stratis mainchain and Cirrus sidechain, which will then be used by the browser wallet extension. The team is also working on a block explorer so users can gain more in-depth details about transactions and addresses on the Stratis and Cirrus chains.

You will be able to use CoinVault for both STRAX and CIRRUS tokens for actions like token transfers as well as token swaps, when the wallet is integrated with Stratis decentralized exchange Opex. CoinVault is secure, easy-to-use, and designed with the user in mind: as CoinVault supports multiple Stratis wallets and accounts, users are free to manage their assets as they wish.

CoinVault has more additions and updates coming up, so be sure to follow both Stratis and CoinVault on Twitter, @stratisplatform and @coinvault_io, to be the first to hear the latest news.


Opdex is the first decentralized exchange protocol for the Stratis ecosystem. After spending a year in development, Opdex is set to increase flexibility for users by offering significantly lower fees than other operating decentralized exchanges.

Since our last update, Opdex has entered its Testnet phase in which the platform web app, API, and smart contracts have all been made available for end-to-end public testing and feedback. Once the current liquidity mining period on the Testnet has finished, Mainnet release is expected very soon. When this goes live, Opdex can be used for secure token swaps, liquidity provision, and the creation of entirely new markets based on Stratis.

You can view testnet here:

You can find progress in liquidity mining here:

For further information:

Opdex Discord:


We were delighted when FileProtected, an instant and automatic content registration service, passed the SDA vote earlier this year. FileProtected uses blockchain, timestamps, and digital fingerprints to solidify copyright ownership and ensure that the bond between creator and content is protected and upheld.

FileProtected and Stratis have teamed up to enhance the FileProtected platform by building smart contracts and identity solutions into the FileProtected ecosystem. The UX/UI update and broader rebranding of the platform is now well underway, and we are building up channel partners and API strategy to gain access to large user bases. Excitingly, an official release is planned for Q1 of 2022.


Gaming & NFTs on Stratis

Red Ego Games: Dawn of Ships

Dawn of Ships is the latest project from London-based Red Ego Games. An RPG in which players captain their own ship and loot, do battle, and try out the pirate’s life, Dawn of Ships aims to take the meaning of “play to earn” to a new level by allowing players to earn NFTs that can be sold on our recently announced NFT platform, Stratisphere.

Since passing the SDA vote, Dawn of Ships has been working on developing improved camera positioning and better pathfinding within the game for a smoother player experience that allows their pirate avatar to track down their loot and win valuable parts – including a flag with a logo that will be very familiar to anyone in the Stratis community.

Kiqqi Games: Trivial Legends

 Back in August this year, Trivial Legends became the first Stratis blockchain-based game from Kiqqi Games, an Indie developer with more than 14 million game downloads across its various existing games. Knowledge is the player’s weapon of choice in Trivial Legends, as players use their NFT avatars to win trivia battles and unlock more NFTs.

Since we last spoke to you all about Trivial Legends, Kiqqi Games has created 3 unique game-ready collections of NFTs, all with varying rarity tiers, as well as a distribution system to ensure that these characters find their way into the hands of players. The trivia itself is also getting an update, with content being built up to provide players with approximately 1000 initial questions.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Alpha release of Trivial Legends, which will launch this December for a small number of testers.

You can find out more about Trivial Legends here:


Hashbattle Passed the SDA vote in October. The game uses Stratis technologies to introduce rewards and an in-game economy, with Hashbattle’s MVP due for launch on the 10th January 2022 it might be one of the first games you’re able to play on Stratis.

The team have made significant progress on Unity development, game features and blockchain integration. Across the 15-20 games available in the MVP, players can compete against one another to win rewards such as STRAX tokens and NFT avatars, firmly merging blockchain and gaming for an immersive experience.

Polycarbongame proposal passed SDA vote

Polycarbongame is a metaverse NFT and VR gallery that allows users to interact with each other and with NFT items that they can exhibit and trade across the Stratisphere NFT marketplace.

With a landslide victory of 117 votes to 11 in its recent SDA vote, it’s safe to say that Stratis Masternodes are very positive on the potential Polycarbongame will bring to the Stratis community. The project will allow the community to display and interact with Stratis NFTs more easily and more socially, bringing value to the Stratis NFT community.

You can find out more about Polycarbon and their vision here:




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