STRAX Token Swap Update

Firstly, the Stratis team would like to thank the community for their amazing patience and support over the last few weeks. We are pleased to announce multiple exchange support for the upcoming swap.

The following exchanges will be supporting the swap:








Staking Services



Withdrawal Notices

Users have been advised to withdraw their STRAT tokens from below exchanges before the 12th of November 2020. The two exchanges that will not be supporting the STRAX Swap are as follows:




Ledger has officially announced they will stop supporting the STRAT token from the 15th of October 2021.

There is no deadline on the STRAX integration with Ledger at this time; however, we look forward to working with the Ledger team to bring STRAX support to Ledger Live.

It must be noted that Cold Staking will be activated once the STRAX Mainnet is live.


STRAX Giveaway

To celebrate the successful launch of the STRAX Token, we will be giving away 20,000 STRAX! More details, including how to participate, will be revealed next week.


STRAX Token Swap Deadline

The deadline for initial Token Swap window ends at 9 AM GMT on the 12th of November 2020. Further detail regarding the Token Swap can be found in the link below:

Be sure to swap before 9 AM on the 12th of November to receive your STRAX Tokens on Day 1!