Stratis Mobile Wallet

Stratis is pleased to announce the launch of the Stratis Mobile Wallet.

The Stratis Mobile Wallet allows you to transfer, receive and store Stratis directly on your mobile device. You can effortlessly send or receive funds by scanning a QR code or sharing your address.

You can import and manage multiple wallets and private keys, and secure these with your biometrics or a PIN. It is based upon the popular and trusted Copay wallet and Bitcore services, used by hundreds of thousands to manage their cryptocurrencies.


Currently, the Stratis Mobile Wallet is only available on Android devices, however, we are currently going through the approval process with Apple and the Google Play Store to ensure the Stratis Mobile Wallet is available through the common application installation methods.

We are very keen to continue the development of the Stratis Mobile Wallet to incorporate more features and leverage features of the Stratis Platform. As an example, expect to see both Token Support for the Cirrus Sidechain and Cold-Staking support.

Further updates will be provided once the Stratis Mobile Wallet has gone through the various phases to become listed on the respective application stores.

The Stratis Mobile Wallet can be downloaded using the following link.

Stratis Mobile Wallet