Stratis SRC-20 Token Issuance Contract

We are pleased to announce that the SRC-20 Standard Token Issuance contract has been voted into the whitelist by the community operated masternodes and is now deployable on the Cirrus Sidechain. This enables anyone to deploy their own token on the Cirrus Sidechain that can then be utilised to meet many different use-cases.

Deploying your own token from within Cirrus Core is simply achieved via the Smart Contracts tab within the wallet.

Enter the ByteCode of the approved contract, located on the merged pull request and supply the token parameters to define the Token Supply, Token Name and Token Ticker.

Select Create Contract and you have successfully deployed your own SRC20 Token on the Cirrus Sidechain.

More information regarding the deployment of a token and guidance for Smart Contract developers can be found in the below document.

Stratis Smart Contracts Developer Guide

Cirrus Core 2.0 will also be released in the coming weeks, bringing one-click token issuance and full token management allowing you to manage issued tokens with ease.