Sidechain Masternode Applications

As we move closer to the release of Sidechain Masternodes, we can now move onto the final stage of registration and define Federated Members for network creation.

During the registration process, there was a requirement to submit a STRAT address that contained the relevant amount of collateral for the selected Sidechain Masternode tier.

To complete the registration process, applicants must prove ownership of the collateral address that was originally provided. There will be a 5-day window in which the applicants can prove ownership of the collateral address.

This final step of registration will need to be undertaken between the 6th May 2019 and 10th May 2019.

To prove ownership, you will need to follow the below process.

      1. Ensure you still have your FederationKey.dat file and know the passphrase
      2. Identify the Collateral Address you provided during registration
      3. Send the collateral requirement to the collateral address you provided

If the collateral amount already exists within the provided collateral address, simply send the entire balance back to the provided address.

After the 10th May 2019, Federated Members will be defined for the Cirrus Sidechain.

Please note that in no instances will Stratis attempt to contact you requesting you to send funds to an address.