Stratis Full Node GUI Mainnet Beta Release

Following on from the recent successful release of the Full Node Mainnet Beta, Stratis is proud to present the Mainnet Beta release of the Full Node GUI, which has now officially been renamed Stratis Core.

We took on the feedback from our users and added new features as well as more general improvements:

• Ability to view all addresses that are generated by the wallet
• QR codes appear in the receive modal
• Wallet officially renamed Stratis Core

Additional improvements also in this release are as follows:

• UI enhancements
• Update to use the latest beta version of the Full Node
• Update of external dependencies

Please bear in mind that is a beta release, therefore, please use the staking feature with caution.

Downloads for the different platforms can be found below:

Windows 64-bit
Windows 32-bit
Mac OS X
Linux (deb)
Linux (tar.gz)

Please help us by reporting any issues you may find: