Mahesh Chand Joins Stratis

We are delighted to announce Mahesh Chand has joined the Stratis team.

Mahesh is the founder of C# Corner, Microsoft Regional Director, serial entrepreneur, chief strategy advisor, and the CEO of Mindcracker Inc.

C# Corner is the largest online community of C# and Microsoft developers with over 5 million monthly visitors and close to 3 million registered members. C# Corner has 32 chapters in various cities around the globe. In addition, Mahesh has published a number .NET programming books and has been awarded the prestigious Microsoft MVP Award for 13 consecutive years for his contributions to the .NET developer community.

“I am thrilled to be a part of the Stratis team. I have been watching Stratis since its inception and I really like the team and where this community is heading. Stratis is a developer-first community-first company and I really like that. Being a founder of C# Corner, my focus has always been developers and how to make their lives better. I believe Stratis brings the same values and ethics to the community.” said Mahesh Chand.

Mahesh will assist Stratis in building strong relationships with enterprises and developer adoption of the Stratis platform.

Please welcome Mahesh to the Stratis team.