Breaking News: Stratis Mines 1st POS Block in C#

Hello Stratis!

We wanted to share with you a major milestone achieved by Stratis development.

We are happy to announce that we have mined the first Proof-of-stake block on the Stratis testnet blockchain utilizing our C# Full node.

This is the first documented and tested instance of a Proof-of-stake blockchain block mined in C#. Now the developers will combine the full node with the wallet layer developed for Breeze, our full node with POS will then be ready for a test release in approximately a week from now.

After this technical breakthrough, we still have a series of activities until we can have the first test releases to the community for comments and evaluation. Major tasks following this first achievement are:

Peer Reviews
3rd party audit
Industry expert audit (C# /.net)

This event puts us well ahead in our development plans according to our road map. Follow us in Slack and join our different development channels. We invite experts and developers interested in participating in the different stages of this process to create the most secure and popular C# POS Digital currency.