Seraph VC to Advise Stratis Group on VC Fund Raising Strategy

Stratis Group is proud to announce it’s currently working with Seraph in defining our VC funding strategy going forward. Seraph was introduced to Stratis Group as part of the activities from our Escalate Group partners.

Seraph is a private network of global investors and entrepreneurs targeting innovative investment and business opportunities.

Seraph has assisted multiple cryptocurrency projects prepare for, and get access to venture capital funding, which will help Stratis Group narrow its scope and prepare a targeted investment report, while gaining access to the most favorable terms and extended investment networks.

The consultant team that will be working with Stratis Group includes:

Vitalie Eremia

Mr. Eremia is a CFA charterholder specializing in equity research (private and public equity), corporate finance and valuation. He has over ten years of equity research experience and accounting, and has prepared equity research reports in a wide range of industries (including but not limited to IT, biotechnology, hi-tech, software, telecom, energy and minerals, consumer goods, financial and others). He has extensive experience in financial modeling, valuation and industry research.

At Seraph he works closely with startups during the due diligence stage and prepares investment reports for investors. The job involves asking uncomfortable questions, questioning the answers, and putting a value on pre-revenue operations.

Kyle Gonzales

Senior Director @Red Hat ; Board Member @Mohio ; Advisory Board @APIMATIC

Advisor; Advisor @Value Innovation Technologies

Mark Moline

Managing Partner at

Mr. Moline has been a private equity investor for over 15 years, focused on early-stage companies in both the developed and emerging markets. He has invested into nearly 75 private placements and advised dozens of companies over the past 20 years.

Specialties: Capital Markets, Trading, Venture Capital and Angel Investing, Emerging and Frontier Markets Investing.

According to Chris Trew, Founder and CEO of Stratis Group:

“Working with Seraph will help us get a strong VC pitch in place, with solid financial projections and business assumptions that will help to ensure we obtain the best terms and access to a large pool of financing options. We are confident that with Seraph’s assistance we will meet our funding goals.”